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Battle against corruption is itself corrupt

It is ten months since the January 8 presidential election; ten months of waiting for the perpetrators of corruption from the previous administration to be brought to book. The election campaign had been rip-roaring. The battle cry of those political parties backing Maithripala Sirisena’s candidacy was eliminating corruption. They vowed…



Little Gonawila  waits in hope

Little Gonawila waits in hope

A whisper of hope and a formal request sent across the ocean on the wings of prayer to the Vatican in Rome. With the Bishop of Chilaw, Rev.…

Fun and bright hits Galle

Heshan De Silva Heshan De Silva’s collection took the ramp at the Jetwing Lighthouse hotel with an air of quirky elegance. A veteran of CFW’s Bright Sparks shows,…

The RAF soldier who keeps  coming back

The RAF soldier who keeps coming back

Edgar Anstey’s first image of Sri Lanka was 60 years ago. He caught his first glimpse of the island as he peered through the window of the Hastings…

Galle Fort’s upcoming trendsetters

Galle Fort’s upcoming trendsetters

Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) is taking one of its annual road trips. In addition to the ramp events a Retail Walk is also a part of this year’s…

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The stage is set for Shakespeare and he’s in love

The stage is set for Shakespeare and he’s in love

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo.” Yes, the stage is set for the “Bard of Avon” to…

Dotting his paintings in ink

The artificial beach

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Keerthi: President SLVA

Keerthi: President SLVA

Popular singer and musician Keerthi Pasqual has been elected as the new President of the ‘Sri…

Damian and the Boys put Melbourne in Deezone

‘Around the World in 25 Years- Rajiv and The Clan’

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Funday Times

Kids world

Kids world

My mother My mother gave birth to me. She fed me. She is the best in…

Book Launch

Art competition

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