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Cohabitation with bad-fellows

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must surely be thinking to himself why on earth he suggested a National Government given the way we understand he has had to fight tooth and nail to have his party-men slotted into key Cabinet posts. The undercurrents of Cabinet-forming under the MoU with the SLFP…



She only wants to hear the word ‘sorry’

She only wants to hear the word ‘sorry’

“Sorry” seems to be the hardest word to say in any language. For 70 long years, and counting, the Chinese and Korean people and their governments have been…

A special win for Akbo

Two pistol-shots at different times on hot summer afternoons across the seas in Los Angeles and he takes off like the wind. ‘Gold’ he brings back home both…

There’s some corner of a foreign field that’s forever, er, s(t)inking

A diplomat in the good old days used to be one who could lie abroad for his or her country. Today’s ambassadors are vastly more versatile, to go…

Walking, talking, viewing Cinnamon Colomboscope

Walking, talking, viewing Cinnamon Colomboscope

Cinnamon Colomboscope unfolded over the weekend of August 22-23, focusing on themes of ‘City. Identity. Urbanity.’ An exhibition ‘Shadow Scenes’ had a multi-faceted collection of artists at the…

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Sunday Times 2

Seven steps to reconciliation

Seven steps to reconciliation

Not all peace processes end in success, said Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, in Colombo…

Lakshman: Realist and idealist

The nexus between foreign policy and domestic policy

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Mirror Magazine

Healthy streak of creativity

Healthy streak of creativity

Dushika Perera has made somewhat of a name for herself with Colombo Piñata, a business she…

Anula Vidyalaya Get-Together

Bands prove their mettle at Onstage

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Funday Times

Kids world

Kids world

The most exciting book I ever read The most exciting book I ever read is ‘How…

Bat and his bat

This article is part of a continuing series on Sri Lankan history

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