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19A defeats Govt’s well meaning RTI Law

On Tuesday, the new Government is optimistic that those parts of the 19th Amendment (19A) to the 1978 Constitution — cleared by the Supreme Court — would be passed by a two-thirds majority in Parliament, notwithstanding undercurrents of a spoiler by lawmakers unhappy with the outcome of the January 8…



Mother Courage

Mother Courage

For D.M. Nadira Harshani, a single mother of three autistic children, life is a daily struggle as she strives to give them the best she can, writes Kumudini…

Await a local-flavoured literary feast

Captain Elmo Jayawardena’s dream of taking literature to a wider audience with “Annasi and Kadala Gotu” will pen off on April 25, writes Namini Wijedasa What Sri Lankan…



Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear: We want the constitutional reforms The President of Sri Lanka for the next five years (assuming the constitutional reforms are…

More on my “PHD” thesis for that new national identity

More on my “PHD” thesis for that new national identity

As I confessed in my column last week, dears, the traditional national holidays in mid-April are a contemplative season for yours truly. As the city goes to the…

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Mirror Magazine

When an after-hours pursuit turns into a passion

When an after-hours pursuit turns into a passion

There are a few things more vexing than buying gifts for loved ones. You could spend…

Fashion for a cause

Sweet and sour

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TV Times

MAF gets a new start

MAF gets a new start

The immediate past President Hemaka Fernando re-elected as the President of the ‘Moratuwa Arts Forum’ (MAF)…

Magic maestro Ronald honoured

Prasanna’s mission: Preserving localdancing traditions in the USA

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Funday Times

Hillwood College Avurudu celebrations

Hillwood College Avurudu celebrations

Hostel students of Hillwood College, Kandy held their Avurudu celebrations on March 29, 2015.…

Kids world

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