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This crucial election, make it “genuine”

Tomorrow, Monday December 8, the Elections Commissioner will accept nominations for a virtual mid-term Presidential election scheduled for a month hence. The country will then see more of the same or more of the same. The UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights states; “The will of the people shall be…



Digging deep into a monastery on the mountain

Digging deep into a monastery on the mountain

A small stupa lies at the very top of the rocky surface we’re scrambling up. It sits unhindered by the verdant forest growth around it with a bird’s…

Keep smiling, all you happy wooed voters!

Tomorrow is Nominations Day. Several political parties will finally make up their minds, and conclusively throw their respective candidates’ hats into the ring. Even if the poor, long-suffering…



The IGP is the sole authority when it comes to conduct of police officers It was surprising to note that there is a conflict between the Inspector General…


The “tall man” who was our leader and mentor Prof. Jagath Wickramasinghe Justin Wimalasiri Wickramasinghe was born in Matara on 16.03.1939 and passed away on November 6, 2014…

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Mirror Magazine

For the love of music and travel

For the love of music and travel

  The Mirror Magazine catches up with the Choir Director of the Jesus College Choir (JCC)…

Biking to raise awareness

Every time we love, it’s Christmas

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TV Times

‘Tribute to Clarence’ in Aussie

‘Tribute to Clarence’ in Aussie

Lankaika Perera and Chanaka Perera of Golden Chimes were in action at the ‘Tribute to Clarence…

‘Sing -along Negombo 2014’

‘Sing Gloria’

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Funday Times

Town Pigeon and Country Pigeon

Town Pigeon and Country Pigeon

A pigeon flew off from the back of a truck when the tarpaulin was taken off…

Auntie Avichchie is back!

Indian Pitta (Avichchiya)

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