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Geneva vote: Govt. in the dock

“Illegal”; “totally reject”; “biased”; “double standards” – these stock phrases have been the refrain from Government voices these past weeks leading to the vote on the resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions in Geneva last Thursday. And post-vote, we have heard a learned professor…



Once it was David’s ‘big  garden with lots of animals’

Once it was David’s ‘big garden with lots of animals’

He looked deeply into the eyes of one and stood in admiration before another whom he had seen as a tiny baby. Not only was David Weinman re-tracing…


Misuse of public property for polls: Can we stop it? Often opposition parties accuse the ruling party or parties of misusing public property for election-related activities Article 28…



Fr.  Joe  De  Mel   A towering Man of God – with a towering heart of gold A gentleman par excellence – Fr. Joe was proud of the…

A houseful of art

A houseful of art

I’m wary of sweeping, absolute statements but here’s one that I can unhesitatingly stand by: The Sapumal Foundation is a must for art lovers. The first impression is…

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“Kill me. Please!” The woman who appeared in front of the car screeched. She sounded like…

Passion for pizza

A simple structure for profound ideas

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Dance to the tune of Gypsies at Austasia

Dance to the tune of Gypsies at Austasia

Gypsies will come alive at the Austasia International Sports and Leisure Centre in, Thalawathugoda on Saturday,…

‘Sannaliyane’: Fund raiser

‘New Chapter’ concert in Colombo

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Galle Music Festival – Children’s Day

Galle Music Festival – Children’s Day

The children’s day of the Galle Music  Festival was a huge success with over 3000 girls…

Our History

Kids world

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