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Political pantomime for PC circus

And so, we are going to see the spectacle of two more Provincial Council elections next month. Campaigning has begun in earnest and in Galle, a ruling party cavalcade has run over innocent road users. The provincial fiefdoms that have been created by the Provincial Council system — even if…



Asoka the Buddhist convert, pilgrim and patron

Asoka the Buddhist convert, pilgrim and patron

For Sri Lankans, King Asoka’s name will always be associated with the formal introduction of Buddhism to the island nation. But for historian Professor Nayanjot Lahiri, a keen…

The day we won Winter Gold

The day when a sportsman stops thinking above all else of the happiness in his own effort and the intoxication of the power and physical balance he derives…


My uncle, the great artist, my teacher and friend STANLEY KIRINDE On Friday, February 13, 2009, I received a phone call from my father around 9 o’clock in…



Ginger, garlic, goraka, bandakka, watakka in political soup! There is an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live interesting times” and that is exactly what all voters will face…

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Jaya the queen can move anywhere

Jaya the queen can move anywhere

An upstanding citizen of Chennai tells the story of going through old records at the prestigious…

The good doctor

Differently-abled heroes

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Mirror Magazine

Of laughter and levity

Of laughter and levity

Two friends assuming the same false identity, two girls hopelessly infatuated by a name, and one…

A day to indulge

Waltzing with murder

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TV Times

Fox has come to stay

Fox has come to stay

Radio has been around in Sri Lanka for a very long time and it means a lot of…

‘Valentines Romance 2014’ at Amaya Hills

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Funday Times

Caring about Nature

Caring about Nature

Snake charming, fortune-telling and dancing monkeys amused everyone as “Who Cares About Nature”, the novel concept…

My grandfather

Sri Lanka’s 66th Independence Day celebration

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