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Education: Time to right the wrongs

A recent joint UNESCO/UNICEF report on secondary education, i.e. school-going children, has rightfully caught the attention of the media. Having done a survey, the report states that 98 per cent of Sri Lanka’s children do attend school. That indeed is a proud achievement, if a rare one, for the country.…



Step into a national shame

Step into a national shame

Who should took the blame for the sorry state of the National Art Gallery?  One visit is enough to put off even the most zealous of art lovers.…

Hard work helps Chamila win NYCIFF award

Shouts and screams fill Jagath Chamila’s ears as he wakes up each morning— they come from the busy marketplace adjoining his modest house in Moratuwa. But on June…

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

CMC and CEB are good for you, they make you laugh! Layard’s Road, Colombo 5, down which I live, has a drain full of empty plastic bottles and…


Mahes Brito Muthunayagam Without her guidance the light has gone out from our lives Mahes Brito Muthunayagam was the only child of the late J.L.C. Tiruchelvam, who was…

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Funday Times



This article is part of a continuing series on the ‘Mahavamsa,’ the recorded chronicle of Sri…

Young Musician


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Sunday Times 2

US warns on Egypt travel after American among three killed

US warns on Egypt travel after American among three killed

CAIRO, June 29 (AFP) -Washington warned against travel to Egypt after an American was among three…

Who runs the world? Girls!

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How they walked into ‘He comes from jaffna’

How they walked into ‘He comes from jaffna’

Duvindi Illankoon has a chat with the old, the new and the in-between who make up…

For the little ones

Swirls of Spring and Summer

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