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Accountability in Kerry’s New Year message

Accountability in Kerry’s New Year message

Accountability in Kerry’s New Year message The new US Secretary of State, John Kerry has sent Sri Lankans an avurudu message. He states: “I congratulate Sri Lankans around the world as you celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year, and offer my warmest wishes for a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year. “Every year this celebration [...]


Relief for casinos while life is a gamble for the people

TNA raises lone voice against Muslim bashing; Govt. confirms child rape has increased with 1,759 cases in 2012 By Chandani Kirinde, Our Lobby Correspondent As Parliament sessions ended for the New Year holidays, nearly-approved legislation by the House, gave little by way of relief to the general public. In fact, the 15 Finance Bills passed [...]

Political Column

Foreign policy outsourced at Rs. 500,000 a day

Foreign policy outsourced at Rs. 500,000 a day

Peiris denies any change in policy towards US and its resolution; but Central Bank and embassy in Washington hire lobbying firms to woo Obama US ambassador Sison in a tough speech, insists on reconciliation and accountability; but Gota hits back, saying she is not governor of Sri Lanka By Our Political Editor Notwithstanding a campaign [...]

5th Column

New Year teeming with old woes

New Year teeming with old woes

My Dear Avurudu Kumaraya, I thought I must write to you this year because you must be having difficulty in deciding what gifts you should bring as you usher in the New Year. As I see it, there are some who have got their gifts already but there are others who really need a gift [...]

The Economic Analysis

The content and quality of economic growth

The content and quality of economic growth

The Central Bank Annual Report for 2012 describes last year’s economic performance as a healthy growth.  The Central Bank Governor said: “The stage is set for a high growth trajectory over the next few years. That is why Sri Lanka is targeting an ambitious medium-term macroeconomic framework.” Does the economic performance of last year substantiate [...]

Focus on Rights

An honest reckoning of a tormented past

Those who murmured of ‘collateral damage’ and looked the other way when civilians were mowed down during the last days of the Wanni conflict in May 2009 certainly share a common callousness with those who shrugged their shoulders when previous governments of a different colour killed the ‘Southern terrorists’ of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) [...]

From the sidelines

A rhetorical trap: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

From the sidelines By Lasanda Kurukulasuriya On Wednesday,TNA leader and Trincomalee district Parliamentarian R. Sampanthan made a statement in Parliament about an attack on the office of TNA Parliamentarian S. Sritharan in Kilinochchi two weeks ago. A mob of about 50 persons armed with rocks and a national flag had launched the attack, disrupting a meetingwhere [...]

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