Human Resource Management has been identified as a professional qualification which has earned high demand and reputation in the job market The Human Resource Management Qualification offered by the Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka is recognized as a Board Room Qualification IPM was recently awarded the ISO 9000:2008 Certificate by Sri Lanka Standards Institute [...]

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IPM -the first, and the best,choice after A/levels

It isn’t where you come from; it’s where you’re going that counts

Human Resource Management has been identified as a professional qualification which has earned high demand and reputation in the job market

The Human Resource Management Qualification offered by the Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka is recognized as a Board Room Qualification

IPM was recently awarded the ISO 9000:2008 Certificate by Sri Lanka Standards Institute -the first ever Professional  Institute to receive such recognition
Time to Make the Right Decision
Life holds several key turning points where proper, timely decision making provides you with the best opportunities for the rest of your life. The end of your school career with the completion of the Advanced Level Examination is one such crucial moment in your life. This is the time to make the right decision as to what your career path should be and what further studies you need to concentrate on to ensure that you outshine the others – be a leader in your chosen professional field rather than a follower.
Choices Available
At this turning point your life offers two main choices, both of which are equally important:

Further education, i.e. a university degree or a professional qualification

Full-time employment
Of course giving these two choices good consideration is very important, especially as it would define the rest of your career path, and thereby your life. Most prefer to forget books, studies and exams and take on full-time employment right away. But this is not as easy as it sounds as there is a lot of competition in getting the right job; you will definitely be up against more qualified and experienced job hunters, especially when it comes to your dream job. Remember, your dream job is most often the dream job of hundreds, if not thousands, of others.

So it’s best that you are properly armed with at least a good basic professional qualification. And it is for this reason that the IPM has tailor-made courses that give you that little extra push you need, and gain you an edge over the others, to get in to your chosen career path. These courses are designed in a manner to allow easy juggling between employment and education – a means of experiencing the best of both worlds and achieving that crucial advantage over the others.

Keep in mind that studying for a professional qualification can actually be a fun experience compared to studying for A/Level; you get to meet a lot of interesting people in a fun and relaxed environment, especially with the kind of setting offered by the IPM.

The IPM can help you to make the Right Decision
So what has the IPM got to offer you? It offers a range of courses with employable qualifications for those who have just completed their A/Levels. The content of the courses at the IPM are designed to prepare the students for the current requirements of the corporate world ensuring them of better opportunities, rather than when seeking employment armed with only an A/Level qualification. Also the recognition and content of the IPM courses are such that IPM graduates are at an advantage when it comes to getting in to the corporate world at a higher rung in the career ladder, with better starting salaries and higher chances of promotions.
The advantages of becoming an IPM student soon after A/Level:

You’ll have increased capabilities – with better all-round general skills, as well as an advanced specialising in one subject: Human Resources Management.

Your qualification will give you a jump start into the world of employment and will open many doors – not only at graduation, but during the rest of your career.

You’ll get to interact with different people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

It will be a life-changing experience:the exposure will gain you confidence, maturity, experience and independence, without being thrown in at the deep end of the corporate world.

About the IPM and Its Courses
The Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM), founded in 1959, is a professional body incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 24 of 1976. The IPM is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations. The vision, mission, values and objectives of the Institute focus on uplifting of the professional standards in Human Resource Management and the development of the Human Resource Management profession through a process which includes professional examinations, seminars/workshops, conferences, HR consultancy and research studies.

The Institute employs the best teachers, academicians, researchers and mentors as its faculty ensuring that the students receive the best possible education. The courses are designed with emphasis on the practical aspects of education, and students get the opportunity to participate in discussions, case studies, project reports, and research reports. Various innovative methods of teaching are employed to facilitate the process of learning. The curriculum of different human resource management courses is revised from time to time ensuring the course content meets with the needs of the rapidly changing world.

The IPM focus of preparing the students to face the challenges of the globalized corporate world with confidence and efficiency, which reflects the foci of the students aspiring to be the leaders of tomorrow. The Institute offers the following part-time, long and short term, courses in human resource management:

Human Resource Management
Programme in Career Guidance and Development (PCGD)
Foundation Course in Human Resource Management (FCHRM)
Certificate Course in Human Resource Management (CCHRM)
Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management (PQHRM)
Training and Development
Certificate in Training and Development (CCTD)
National Diploma in Training and Development (NDTD)
Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Psychology (DIPSY)
Diploma in Industrial Relations and Industrial Law (DIRIL)
n Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (DIOSH)
Degree Programmes
BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management (Final Year), Northumbria University
BA (Hons) in Business and Management (Final Year), Northumbria University
MBA in Human Resource Management, Northumbria University
MBA in Human Resource Management, Open University of Sri Lanka

The above courses aim at enhancing the human resource management skills of the students,and providing them with a better insight into the globalized business environment.

Regional Study Centres of the IPM
In addition to Colombo, the IPM programmes are conducted in other main cities of the country through its Regional Study Centres established in Kandy, Kurunegala, Matara, Gampaha and Jaffna. Plans are underway to expand the IPM Regional Network throughout the country.

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification
The IPM is the only ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute which provides the guidance to follow a professional Human Resource Management education at an affordable cost to those who are already in employment, looking for higher education, during and after A/Level, or those who are awaiting A/Level results.

Further information could be obtained from the Business School on 011 4511138 or log on to Send your queries to

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