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Links with China: The potential and the pitfalls

Coinciding with the Non Aligned Movement summit today, and in the immediate backdrop of a British Government travel advisory warning its citizens on visiting Sri Lanka and Indian displeasure over certain events in the island, the visit of the Chinese Defence Minister has acquired added significance. Not only is China…



Sacred moments

Sacred moments

Clad in white, bearing flowers, hundreds of men, women and children gathered in large numbers to pay homage to the Sacred Kapilavastu Relics, which were brought to Sri…

Spreading the soothing rays of Buddhism

Modern life is full of stress. Not only parents and children but even those living alone have a heavy workload. It is a race against time����household chores, office…

Letters to the Editor

Accountability: The forbidden word in Paradise Isle Oh, accountability! Why hast thou fled from this once “Paradise Isle”? The words, responsibility, accountability and answerability, have long lost meaning…


Remembering a sincere friend and her warm loving voice at the other end of the line BERNIE SILVAPULLE� I felt an intense sadness when I heard the news…

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Funday Times

Summer Theatre Camp 2012

Summer Theatre Camp 2012

A series of workshops will be held from August 27 – 31, 2012 at Ananda Koomarasamy…

Earth Watch


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Graduate Diploma in Management  (Pre-Masters Degree Pathway)

Graduate Diploma in Management (Pre-Masters Degree Pathway)

Graduate Diploma in Management(GDM) -Pre Masters Degree pathway programme provides degree pathway towards Bachelors and Masters…

Wycherley – a blessing to me! says Dr. Jaydeep Mody

American Business Graduates reach top positions

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Iran invites Haniyeh to NAM summit in Tehran

Iran invites Haniyeh to NAM summit in Tehran

GAZA, Aug 25 (Reuters) – Iran has invited a leader of the Islamist group Hamas to…

Chinese firefighters teach hostess girls in mini-skirts and stilettos

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