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Reaching out to Vanuatu but not Tamil Nadu

Sri Lankan pilgrims travelling through the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu and sports teams may get set upon by ‘goondas’ (goons) from political parties and the state government wants Sri Lankan military personnel not to train on Tamil Nadu soil. Not to be outdone, Indian spectators at a recent…



Power to Appuhamy

Power to Appuhamy

Power cuts affecting everyday life? Not for Durand Appuhamy who having switched to solar power, says the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and their power cuts can go jump…

Think plastic or swim

Drastic events need drastic action! That is what I always say when I’ve had a beer,or two. They have been sinking for years, not the beers; and no…

Letters to the Editor

Is our country going off the rails? After protests by residents, environmentalists and politicians, the Government abandoned its idea of building two internal airports in Kundasale and Nuwara…


Saluting the gentleman who trained generations of officers, sailors M. G. S. Perera� Instructor Commander M. G. S. Perera – the first Training Officer (then referred to as…

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Funday Times



As the sun disappears over the horizon, the lion’s deep, rumbling roar is heard all over…

Earth Watch

The Environment

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India’s first Playmate says she’s a pioneer

India’s first Playmate says she’s a pioneer

The first Indian woman to pose naked for Playboy magazine says she is proud to have…

Japan should fortify islets defence: Senior politician

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Taking care of our ‘Mother Baby’

Taking care of our ‘Mother Baby’

Mother gets up in the morning, washes and dresses herself, checks her handbag and announces “I’m…

An eye-opener

Baby plans:Don’t wait too long

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