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Leading player out


With Olympics in London only days away the local scene is buzzing with the information as to how a leading player involved in a game played with corks and feathers has been left out and a player who is rated down the order in the sport has been included in the contingent? They say that the player who should actually have been with the team has not received enough opportunities to play abroad and prove her worth. In contrast the player who has been selected has paid her way to take part in certain overseas contests to prove her capabilities and is now in the tour party.

Over the hill
Still on the subject of a fast approaching competition in Blighty an official photograph was arranged. But lo! All those who lined up for the photo session were practically over the hill, with most of them being officials. One leading official had confided to a close friend that he was ashamed to be in the official photograph which had only seven competitors but did so because he simply had to do it, as it was part of his job.

Cloud of doubt
The sports scene was saddened with the passing away of a leading medicine man. This chap has been taking medicine from a so called physician who claims that he has powers from the Himalayas, for the past year or so. Nevertheless a complaint had been lodged with the Police and the law and order chaps were there to conduct an inquiry. However no inquiry was held. The funeral had duly taken place but with a huge cloud of doubt hanging over the proceedings.

Big bucks
The scene now shifts overseas where a team from Sri Lanka is taking part in a contest. The juniors in the tour party are reluctant to part with the foreign currency that they receive for meals etc. with the intention of bringing it back where it will be converted into big bucks. Let’s hope that these players will not return as sickly persons after the money they save. Those in the know say that there are certain favourites of the coach who have been spotted in night spots. However the young cricketers have been given a lecture by some senior players, the main theme being that they should not let the side down and should be fit to face the opponents!

Jumping to grab honours
On the subject of cricket, it has been noticed that a certain schools team coach, who also happens to be an umpire, who is supposed to be the Cricket Committee Chairman. The school he represents is doing well in junior competitions and he is jumping in front to grab all the honours. The Old Boys of this school frown on his antics. Recently this coach cum umpire even ‘stood’ at a key junior game. His intention was to spoil the chances of the opposing team who is a threat to the school he represents.

Pet dog on tour
The scene shifts to a robust game where a foreign coach has been recruited to boost the local team’s chances at a key event to be held in Sri Lanka. This coach has even brought his pet dog for the jaunt. We wonder whether the pet too had to obtain a visa to enter the country.

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