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Women’s ‘Mahalu Madama’


For those who do not know there is a pool for women to be in constant training for foreign meets here and abroad. The strange thing is that they have not taken part in any meet for the past two years but keep enjoying all the facilities that the authorites have been doling it out.   They enjoy all facilities such as a monthly allowance but where the action is it is No Go. It is now referred as a Women’s ‘Mahalu Madama’ (A home for elderly women) because some of them have turned grey as well!

Vivid with anger
There was an Olympic Run at the house by the same name but the big man was not invited for it.  This is an annual programme where certificates by the ruling body are given out to those who participate in it. The big man has started an inquiry as to why he was not invited. They say that the invitation was given but apparently has not been handed out to him. The big man is vivid with anger with the official body who had sent the invitation in the first place.

Getting late a fashion
All were waiting eagerly for the chief guest to arrive at a key outstation sports meet. He did arrive at last after about two hour’s delay. Due to this the entire programme had to be changed and some of the events had to be cancelled. Ultimately those who could not take part in the day’s events had had to be kept overnight so that the events could be held the next day. This delay has caused such a ruckus. The big question is how come a law enforcing officer could be so late. It is said that this big shot has been late for earlier functions as well!

Letter under threat
The Walking Race held in Anuradhapura is the center of conversation as an official who was late for it has submitted a letter from a judge to the effect that the delay was due to unavoidable circumstances. The judge concerned has been going around saying that he issued the letter as he had been threatened to issue it.

The forceful cyclist
A cyclist who is under a cloud of suspension had taken part in a race and had taken third place. This cyclist had been suspended for taking a banned drug. The strange thing is that officials did not know that this particular cyclist was under suspension and the cyclist had forced himself on the race and had ridden to be placed third as well!

Overseas programme for cyclists
A big inquiry is on to find out how some cyclists who are facing a ban enforced in 2008 had obtained certificates. It has now been revealed that three or four of these cyclists have obtained the certificates so that they could follow a coaching programmeto be held in a foreign country. Taking a close look at the situation it has been revealed that some of these cyclists have obtained only 11 points out of a possible 100 and are still clamouring to follow the overseas programme.

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