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Transparent pyramid tea bags


Polytec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd has introduced the Pyramid tea bag to Sri Lanka which is different from normal tea bags and sachets.
“Tea leaves in tea bags take time to brew. The tea leaves in it are also mostly wasted as the full effect of whole extract is not utilised.  Therefore it was found that the sachet needed to be developed and this was done by the world’s best mesh company, Coreshtech Co. Ltd,” the local company said.

The PLA mesh-fabric tea bag has been developed to provide the flavour and unique taste of tea.Coreshtech is a leader in friendly environment companies markets with ultrasonic machine equipment (tea packing machines) and the PLA Pyramid tea bag creation.
The Pyramid tea bags has secured stringent certificates by from the US  Food and Drug Administration.

The pyramid-shaped tea bag is made from transparent mesh material such as flowers, fruits, green tea and the high quality teas in a glass of water gives a luxurious feeling of floating. Because of the surge in demand for wellbeing, herbal and fruit tea production tea bags are available, the company said. It has a deeper and richer taste and scent than the existing tea bags, which are produced by forcing water fully through the tea bag.

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