The colossal farce of PC polls

Elections are not the be-all and end-all of democracy. Even more so, elections that are tainted. The Government’s decision to dissolve three Provincial Councils (PCs) before their mandate expired is firstly, robbing the people of their franchise. A Council, like Parliament or an elected President, is elected for a specific…



Is this the Higgs boson?

Is this the Higgs boson?

On July 4, at a news conference at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Zurich, Switzerland, the two main experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) reported…

Fixing them up

Where do Dr. David Young’s loyalties lie? Without missing a beat, the Sri Lankan cricket team’s honorary surgeon says, “always with individual athletes.” Dr. Young is a familiar…

‘A house that does not look like a house’

At his house, Kumudu S. Munasinghe has large, carefully framed photographs of what initially looks like a silver cube on barren land reflecting light. Upon a closer look, it’s…


My friend, counsellor par excellence Priya Kodippily The last time I saw her, Priya looked her usual vibrant self. In 2009, a mutual friend and I visited Priya…

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Algeria’s bitter struggle for freedom

Algeria’s bitter struggle for freedom

In July 1962 Algeria achieved independence after a bitter war lasting over seven years. Some 300,000…

Former teen prostitute shows lingerie collection at Paris couture week

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Budding classical musicians  take the stage once again

Budding classical musicians take the stage once again

With their annual concert just around the corner, the Junior Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka appears…

Looking up in awe at a symbol of peace

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