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By Mathumitha Radha (6 years), Asian International School

My name is Mathumitha. I am six years old. I am studying in Asian International School. I am in Year 1R. My favourite food is pizza. I love myself very much.


By Amra Amsudeen (14 years), Aba Beel International College

The internet is a huge network of several thousands of computers all over the world. These computers are connected to each other. The information present in the memory of one computer can be used by another computer. These computers store a huge amount of information.

All information on any topic you can think of is there. The internet is extremely useful for scientific research, for travel information, for current news and for lots of other things. Internet is growing very fast. It
started with about a thousand computers, but has grown to over 30 million computers today.
Internet is abbreviated as the 'Net'.

How I spent my holiday

By Murshed Amir (9 years), Lyceum International School

During my school holidays I went on a trip with my family and our cousins. We went to Kandalama Hotel.
It's surrounded by jungle and sometimes you get to see the animals. From my grandmother’s and my room we could see a beautiful view outside.

I saw a monkey with a baby. My cousins and I went for a swim. There was a variety of food to eat. I enjoyed my holiday.

My pet

By Dhinara Abayasekara (Grade 5), Ladies College

My pet is a dog. Her name is Nala. She is black in colour. She's beautiful. I play with Nala. Nala is brave and she's a loyal dog. Nala is friendly, nice and a loving dog.

Nala barks when strangers come. Nala is my best friend. She loves to go to the sea and swim all day long. She likes to eat meats, chicken and fish. She likes to play with a ball. She likes to fetch the ball all the time. Nala hates cats and is scared of crackers. I love Nala and Nala loves me.

My best friend

By Shianne Lucas (8 years), Oxford College International

My best friend is Melanie. She is 8 years old. Melanie's eyes are brown in colour. Her favourite colour is orange. Her hair is short. Melanie's hobby is reading books. Her ambition is to be a children's doctor. Melanie's favourite

subjects are Maths and Science. She has two brothers. Her favourite cartoon is the 'Powerpuff Girls Show'. Her favourite food is noodles and her best drink is Fanta. She is truly my best friend.


By Lubna Malick (Grade 8), Minaret High School

The trees, the flowers, the lakes, the rivers,
Swaying in the wind,
The water, flowing and the flowers dancing,
And the children playing merrily,

What joy it gives the eyes to see!
Nature, a pleasure,
relaxation for the mind and soul,
What pleasure it gives the people
Who are filled with

But, why do people harm this Nature?
The flowers give a good fragrance,
Trees give shelter,
For it to give all this
We should take care of Nature!

My trip to the Land of the Merlion

By Tristan Pereira (Grade 3), L. P. F. Academy

I travelled on the National Carrier to the Land of the Merlion – Singapore, and on my way I had fun in the aircraft. I played computer games and watched cartoons in the aircraft.

When we got there, we went to the famous Singapore Zoo. There we saw the famous 'white tigers' and they were in the water. The sea-lions put on a show and one of them kissed a girl and a boy from the audience. The monkeys and orang-utan were all in the open and not in cages and there were many other animals too.

Next we visited the famous Orchard Road and did some shopping (Not me, my parents.) After that we went to the 'Universal Studios' at Senthosa Island and they had seven sections there, 'Hollywood', 'Madagascar', 'Far, Far Away', 'The Lost World', 'Ancient Egypt', 'Sci-Fi City' and 'New York'. Each of these
sections had its own games and rides. I went on some of them with my mother and on some of them with my father. I enjoyed going on the rides but sometimes I was a bit frightened.

We also went to the 'Underwater World'. There we saw a lot of big fish and we even went in a tunnel under the water and we saw the fish from underneath. I also saw sting-rays in a big glass tank.

I enjoyed my trip and wish I can go again someday.

My country

By Wishmi Sathsarani (Grade 3), Defence Services College

My country is Sri Lanka. I love my country, it is nice and beautiful. There are rivers, waterfalls and mountains. There are botanical gardens and zoological gardens.

Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims live in Sri Lanka.

My train ride

By Rashvin Senanayake (7 years), British School in Colombo

We were coming back from my grandmother's house and we decided to go home by train. So we went to the Ganemulla station. We got our tickets from the counter. We saw an express train speed by. Our train came next and we got into a 3rd class coach.

Our train stopped at some of the big stations. We went in this train to Colombo Fort Railway Station. Then we bought three more tickets for Nugegoda, before getting on the next train to take us on to the last part of our trip. On the way we saw a de-railed engine and a golf club. We got off the train and took a trishaw to get to our house. The train ride was really fun.

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