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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 24
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Wijeya Pariganaka

Together from here to there in search of beauty
The butterflies of Sri Lanka – gorgeously coloured and touchingly fragile - flit and flutter across the pages of a new book to be launched on the 14th of this month. The result of a five-year collaboration between Arittha and Ariesha Wikramanayake, it offers much more than images and explanations – instead this book is an experience, taking the reader along with a father and his young daughter as they explore the wonders of nature together.
Every stray dog has its day, but some have it in England
A British nurse and her friends lead a campaign to find homes for Lankan strays
AIDS Congress to showcase Lanka
Surveys indicate that Sri Lanka has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS even though the country has been facing a conflict. "But this should not make us complacent," Dr. K.A.M. Ariyaratne of the National STD/AIDS Campaign warns, calling for strengthening of measures towards prevention and also treatment and care of those living with HIV.
Travesty of our place names
How important the proper pronunciation and spelling can be to a nation’s identity was demonstrated by the French Government when it prohibited the use of the British word jet or ‘jetliner’ by the French. The punishment for transgression was imprisonment. After the law came into effect a jetliner had to be called ‘le grande porteur’. The rest of the world may pronounce the name of their capital city as ‘Paris,’ but to the French it will always be ‘Paree’.
Surviving amidst dying men and muddy swamps
Bon Schofield was born in Ceylon in 1922 to a Burgher planting family of four boys and two girls. He attended school at St. Joseph’s College, Maradana, but left school when he was 17 years old to start a career as a tea planter with his father’s up country plantation at Talawakelle.

  Sirancee Gunawardene
  Ranee Kadirgamar
  Dotbelle Jayawickrama
  Sheila Josephine Johnson
  D. S. Jayasekera
Letters to the editor
They risk their lives to give us security
  Is this chauvinism or patriotism?
  The Kelani in spate
  Perhaps wars are not forever!
Jambu: Children’s favourite fruit
Tsunami-ravaged school takes wing again
Cliff, Britain’s biggest ever hit maker!
"My heart surgeon is a gift from heaven"
GIS: More than just a place on a map
Rooted in wood’s unique shapes
  Kundasale Love Poems
  Sensitive portrayal of solitary splendour
Stellar personalities to pay tribute to great entertainer
Annual sports festival for users of Jaipur limbs
Events diary
Fusion for charity
Have a good laugh with Indu’s latest!
Metaphor of mushrooms
The endless wait

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