Sunday July 11, 2004
Millions boycott PC elections
Devananda fears another attack, appeals to President
Strict ban on school donations
Hingurakgoda attack: Elderly chief monk dies
Duplicate brand threatens Ambewela milk products
CID seek public assistance to identify bomber
Life-giving saline needs lifeline
GMOA press for settlement of salary anomalies
London police arrest Lankan crime gangs
Kadir on official visit to Britain
Don't degrade Buddha image, Kadir tells Asian countries
Where have all the voters gone?
Police promotion under fire
LTTE does not understand the language of peace -Devananda
Financial Times
Rupee, not bombs, the worry
Harry J still eyeing DFCC?
CB -No Sigiriya gold coin
Limited scope for PUC
PERC to reform state organisations
CB clarifies nature of pyramid schemes 
Lower finance costs strengthen Durdans bottom line 
Weakness in handling crises (Comment)
Effective crisis management: Are we ready? (Random thoughts)  
Innovation and shareholder value (Corporate Musings)
Opportunities everywhere - but not for the faint hearted (Business@Home)
Funday Times
Thanasiva meets a tragic end
The loveliest town in the loveliest island
Arhant Mahinda arrives in Mihintale
Mirror Magazine
Living the dream
Closing Time
The art of bluffing
The Excalibur magic
Interpreting life
CJ affair: Mystery over the mischief - Political Column
CID tracks Tiger link in suicide attack - Situation Report
Groping in the dark for who exploded bomb - 5th Column
CNN's East India nexus and the post-Saddam order - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column
Economic policy statement more of a dream than a vision - The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
Democracy, the west's cosmic mantara - Thoughts from London
Appoint the elections commission now - Focus on Rights
Fahrenheit 9/11: Moore's heat-seeking missile on Bush - inside the glass house
More apsaras at Sigiriya
A vacation from my past in Lanka
An insider's story - brilliantly constructed 
Sri Lanka's history under attack
Bonding upheaval in the making
Arthritis: Know the ailment and treatment
A rare treat for the connoisseur (Kala corner)
Police victims of sudden terror
Karapoththas, kan-kun, kokis and kakussiya
Wellawaya: A virgin wrapped in history
Letters to the Editor
Lankans show grit
A right Royal performance
CR & FC drub Police 58-3
Peterites outclass Lumbini
Antonians drub Trinity
Asia Cup: a three cornered tussle
TV Times
Spider Man Returns to Thrill US all
Rock around the clock at Galadari
G. D. L. on a butterfly trail
Love in many shades
‘Satya’ embarks on social reform and pays with his life
‘I don’t create for urban youth, but it’s all about them’ - Senesh



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