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  • Thanasiva meets a tragic end
    1. Queen Anula was greatly affected by Thanasiva’s wife’s words. Once she lost her patience, she said, “We are not low people, as you seem to believe. We, also were brought up in luxury.
  • The loveliest town in the loveliest island
    “The loveliest town in the loveliest island in the world” is how British Governor Sir William Gregory (1872-1877) described Kandy, the hill capital. Experienced travelers in early British times identified Kandy as the most picturesque spot in the British Empire.
  • Arhant Mahinda arrives in Mihintale
    The Mahavamsa records, that Arhant Mahinda when he decided to come to Sri Lanka on his mission of spreading the new doctrine, he first visited his mother, Vidisa Devi, who lived in Vidisa in India. He kept her informed of his intended visit.

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