Slow train to disaster

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Revolt in the north: LTTE warns TULF
In their bid to gain greater political supremacy in the Jaffna peninsula, Tiger guerrillas who forced the cancellation of the official opening of the Jaffna Library on Friday have now issued a warning to the TULF - toe their line or face the consequences.

Top post for ex-judge bypasses public
The Constitutional Council - now the supreme body for making appointments to high posts - has come in for sharp criticism for its surreptitious attempt to nominate a retired judge for a vacancy in the Bribery and Corruption Commission.

Tiger delegation takes 25 packages in two choppers
The Tiger guerrilla delegation to the latest Berlin peace talks who arrived in Colombo last Friday for their return journey to the Wanni demanded two helicopters, one to carry their members and the other for more than 25 packages they brought along. They received both.

President expresses concern over tilt in foreign policy
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has expressed concern over a possible tilt of Sri Lanka's policy towards the US. President Kumaratunga at a meeting with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe raised the issue with reference to recent remarks made by Minister Milinda Moragoda showing indications that Sri Lanka's policy was tilting towards the US.

CID takes over complaint against Colombo lawyer
The Attorney General's Department has ordered the CID probe a case where a Colombo lawyer has allegedly cheated a woman to the tune of Rs. 375,000 and a UNF Cabinet Minister had intervened on his behalf to stop local police investigating the complaint.

Why Govt. won't show its gas
Some fifty percent of the people using gas are from the upper middle classes and the government, therefore, does not want to intervene in bringing the prices down, a ministerial source said.

Govt. not following ‘peace at any cost’ policy, says Tyronne
Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando has said that the Government is not pursuing a policy of peace at any cost and reiterated the UNF position that the country will not be divided and handed over, a Ministry release states.

Students, principals face arrest in Vavuniya

Education officials or principals who permit school children to take part in anti-government demonstrations in Vavuniya will be arrested and prosecuted in courts, the military and police have warned.


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