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Let's hear it for the guys
By Esther Williams
Men would actually start contemplating what they wear henceforth. Are their clothes properly co-ordinated? Do the accessories match? For, when men dress right, their clothing does the talking. A men's wear magazine, 'Man's Mission,' launched by Hameedia deals with all this and more.

The first of its kind in the Sri Lankan market, the quarterly publication focuses on fashion and social trends of the male, in addition to a variety of articles both humorous and informative on sports, music, environment, IT trends, health cuisine and medical aspects.

Fashion for males was hitherto not a priority. However, "dressing right for the right occasion is a necessity in today's world to progress professionally and personally," points out Hameedia's Managing Director, Fouzul Hameed.

By featuring style, personalities and attitudes of prominent figures, that give an overview of current fashions, it enables individuals to select and fit themselves to suit their distinctive personality.

The magazine also covers a wide range of topics. Featured in the launch issue are - Etiquette in dining: it's time you knew your manners; Hiking/trekking - the perfect stressbuster for the suburban yuppie. The Recipes for a wholesome meal for the health conscious male by Le Palace Master Chef Jean-Pierre Piaillier, would sure help if it induces men to cook their own food for themselves or their spouse once in a while.

Other articles include Tea with Sachin Tendulkar, a candid discussion with Ravi Karunanayake, Weekend hideout; Miss Tourism International 2002, An interview with the film maker of Salelu Warama, Plotting a motor rally, Book Reviews and Banking news: HSBC Credit Card initiatives, etc. All these make a good mix of short articles with attractive graphics, in short interesting reading.

Labelled 'especially for the man about town,' the glossy magazine focuses on power dressing. Getting the best out of your accessories, how to buy the right suit/jacket and Hameedia Supplement portray the wide choice of the latest in garments and accessories available. Most men would be unaware that their bodies are either triangular, rectangular or contoured. The magazine gives an insight into how to choose a suit to suit a body.

'How tough is it to be a man anyway?' by Girl Power expresses some interesting views. This and other articles titled - Are your golden years getting tarnished, Going Green, etc., would make the magazine appealing to both men and women.

The magazine that is now sold at leading bookstores promises to feature many other interesting subjects in subsequent issues, authored by well-known-Lankan writers.

"Give the man a chance and he outshines a lady," the creators of the magazine believe.

The sounds of peace
What is 'Youth Core for Peace'?
They are a group of teenagers between sixteen and eighteen who were brought together by hopes of peace and understanding amongst ethnic communities. Gajan Selverajah, Tasha Marikkar, Ruan Pethiyagoda, Anushka Nagendra and Sherazad Hamit are the prime movers behind Youth Core for Peace.

Music is an influential medium amongst youth as it transcends language and ethnic divisions as well as being a vehicle of celebration.

It has been one year since the Ceasefire Agreement was signed. To commemorate the first anniversary of the signing, the Youth Core for Peace has organized "Peace 52" a peace concert on February 22 at the Viharamaha Devi Park.

Dismayed by the poor facilities of the schools of the war-stricken North, the primary objective of this concert is to raise the funds required to supply students in Kilinochchi/Mullaitivu with critically needed school supplies such as furniture, and sports and laboratory equipment.

Youth Core for Peace also wishes to commemorate one year of peace and freedom by raising awareness amongst the youth of the country of the benefits of peace by bringing attention to the number of lives that have been saved this past year and the newfound freedom of movement due to the ongoing peace process.

Hoping to gather four or five bands that are already famous amongst the youth in Sri Lanka they hope to hold a three hour concert starting at 7.00 p.m. The five minute presentation they have planned will also spread awareness amongst youth about the war and the peace process.

Supermarketing Keells style
By Thiruni Kelegama
"The era of supermarkets was just beginning. People were realizing that they would like to buy everything they wanted under one roof and that is where we decided to come in," explained the Marketing Manager of John Keells Supermarkets, Suresh Jayawardena.
"Nobody wanted to go to the market to buy vegetables, go to the meat shop to buy meat, and another store to buy food and somewhere else to buy the other necessities for a house."

"That led to the opening of our first supermarket. And since then we have not looked back." "We have opened four main outlets since then, and four franchise outlets" added Brand Manager Shivanthi Rajanayake.

"We emphasize the fact that we have quality products. We have quality vegetables, quality meat and everything else of the best standard. Our main aim has been quality, and we are successful because of this."

The fact that we have promotions at the end of each year also adds to our credibility, says Suresh. "We have our 'Dream Draw' and last year, we gave away a Dream House worth more than three million rupees.

The winners had a choice - they could choose between a car, an all expense paid trip and a house from Kelsey Homes. The winners of the draw last year chose the house."

The year before last we gave away the newest car around - the Volkswagen Beetle, added Shivanthi. "We also have weekend promotions for children so that they would want to come here with their parents. These promotions have been very successful."

The innovative promotions apart, we have also made sure that our staff is the best, explained Suresh. "We want them to be friendly and helpful at all times.

By doing this we hope that our customers would want to come to Keells Supermarket more and more.

"Our main motive is to lead in service, convenience and product quality," said Mr. Rajeev Dharmendra, the Director.

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