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26th August 2001
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Bathiya Nevanthi, Ranidu & Santhush

The story of their lives

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Chapter Five

by M.T.L.Ebell
Zachary returned to his room exhausted, yet exalted. So this was what Mahon had foreseen. Instead of creating clones, he had let in, once again, the 'taint' of physical intercourse. He saw his way clearly now. He, the dissidents and other like-minded souls would bring humanity back to the Race. They could retard, if not hold back, the tide of cloning. The results would be few in number but if correctly handled and educated, could one day provide a viable force to bring the world back to Nature. Then mind would no longer rule everything; heart and feelings would have their due place. He relaxed completely. He needed to rest and to replenish his body and his soul.


So they hid, the light having gone from the day, and yes, from their life.

Eventually he came. Ever beloved was his voice yet it held a note which drew them forth, clinging together, afraid; unable to meet his eyes.,

Man, why have you done this?

The Woman made me.

Woman, who showed you?

My Lizard...the giant lizard showed me. She whispered, but he heard her.

She knew that he had known. He was silent but such power came from him that they were forced to raise their eyes to his. His face was darkened with sorow and anger. As he gazed at them, through them, shrieks rent the stillness. Giant lizards were everywhere writhing in agony, gasping for breath and screaming for mercy. Soon thee were none who stood upright. They perished. There remained a pitiful few who crawled upon the ground.

Only you will carry on your kind. Even you will not escape the stamp of hate and revulsion caused by this heinous deed. You will always be abhorred. You acted out of time.

Past the dying creatures the father walked with them. No words were spoken but they understood. This wonderful place was no more their home. Where the lushness of growth stopped, so did they. 

You will live beyond this hereafter, he said, gentle once more. Do not seek to return. You have played with my gift of life. I will not give you the power of full knowledge yet. You will disregard its value just as you did with life. 

"Is there no hope for us, Father?" the words were torn from her. "May we never return?"

Maybe, he said. Maybe, someday.

He looked at them, not with promise but with a great sorrow in his eyes. Someday, he said again, with infinite sadness.


=There is a traitor in our midst+

The thought hung suspended in the air over the heads of the twelve assembled, as loud and forceful as if the spoken voice uttered it.

Zachary had felt a warning. When he entered the Assembly he found Lakshmi in Mahon's old seat. Mahon was no more. He knew the end had been swift and physically painless. A quick inquiry from Lakshmi drew a blank. She had built a wall around herself. Glancing round he knew it was Ben, but how...why?

"Due to an oversight," TOI spoke smoothly,"the same time in the Procreation Centre had been assigned to Ben and his Mate. He, intent only on the fulfilment of his duty to regenerate for the betterment of beings, was immediately aware of your presence. Zachary, you were not so in command of yourself. You did not sense him. So intent were you on your primitive urges, that you lost all control over your mind. What sort of seed would you so propagate?"

"What will you do to it?"

"Need you ask? We do not visit the sins of the father on the unborn in our society. The seed, if it grows, will be subjected to screening. If it is healthy, it will live. Be sure it will be watched very carefully."

Zachary and The Old One gazed at each other. No other was significant.

"I believe you, TOI."

=The charge, do you accept or refute it?=

=Let me hear, in detail, what you would say against me=

And glancing around at the other ten, not knowing yet what part Lakshmi would play, Zachary stood, prepared to hear them.


Bob Dylan's secret family

Music legend Bob Dylan was secretly married and had a daughter, reveals a blockbuster book.

Even Dylan's closest friends don't know that he was wed for six years to African-American beauty Carolyn Dennis, who divorced him in 1992, and they have a child Desiree now 15, claims author Howard Sounes in Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan.

"The whole thing is so strange," says one of the singer-songwriter's former galpals in the book. "I don't know why it's a secret."

But his ex-wife Carolyn, 46, explains in the book: "Mr. Dylan is a very private person."

Indeed, the 59-year-old rock superstar - whose hits include the classics Mr. Tambourine Man and Like a Rolling Stone - has spent his entire career hiding his past.

He started off by changing his last name from Zimmerman to Dylan, after the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, and once claimed to have been an orphan, which outraged his parents and brother.

Dylan was also a rampant womanizer, says Sounes, even during his 12 years with first wife Sara Lownds, and his cheating finally caused their marriage to crash in 1977. The divorce cost him a staggering $36 million plus half the royalties from many of his hits. One of their five children is current rock star Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers. After his divorce, he began romancing Carolyn, a backup singer on his 1978 tour. She became pregnant, reveals the book, and when she gave birth to Desiree in Humana Hospital in Canoga Park, Calif., on Jan. 31, 1986, the father was listed as Robert Dylan on the birth certificate.

Five months later, Dylan returned from a tour and tied the knot with Carolyn in a secret ceremony in L.A., Sounes claims. 

"Dylan continued to tour, backed not only by Carolyn, but by Madelyn Quebec, his mother-in-law," says the book. "Sometimes Desiree would accompany them, although she and Carolyn were never seen with Dylan in public."

After four years, the relationship crashed and, in October 1992, the marriage was officially dissolved, according to the book. It cost him a multimillion-dollar settlement and a share of his royalties.

"In an effort to keep it quiet, court records listed Dylan as 'R. Zimmerman' and the judge ordered the file to be sealed."

While Dylan has kept mum about Desiree, "he has very much acknowledged her in his private life," says the author.

"She can expect to share with her half siblings in the inheritance that will pass to them."


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