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3rd June 2001
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The Goss

  • Julio's twin princesses 
  • Lifetime achievement award for veteran actress Jane Fonda 
  • Affleck talks 'Pearl Harbor' 
  • Courtney, David deny rumours 
  • Julio's twin princesses

    It was literally a dream come true for singer Julio Iglesias and his partner Miranda Rijnsburger when two tiny princesses came into their lives on May 1, five minutes apart, weighting in at 3.2 kilos and 2.8 kilos. Miranda checked in to Miami's Mount Sinai clinic at 4pm and just three hours later was cuddling her two wrinkled bundles of joy. According to the proud mother, nine months before she fell pregnant a friend of hers had had a dream that Miranda would give birth to twin girls called Victoria and Cristina. 

    Miranda was pushed out of the clinic in a wheelchair - a common practice in the US - with eyes only for Cristina and Victoria, who were wrapped up snugly in matching caps and blankets. Mother and daughters were bound for Indian Creek, site of the family's Miami mansion, where two of everything awaited their arrival - including a couple of older brothers, Rodrigo, two, and Miguel Alejandro, three. Now with four children under her wing, Miranda (the Dutch former model) will be kept on her toes for the next few years, while Julio continues to tour the world and top the charts, jetting back to his family's side at every opportunity. 

    Lifetime achievement award for veteran actress Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda became the latest in a long line of stars, including Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood and Audrey Hepburn, to be honoured for her acting career by New York's Film Society of Lincoln Center. Although the 63-year-old actress, who retired in 1991, has said that she won't be returning to film work, the organization wanted to honour her as "one of the screen's most dazzling and passionate performers". Born into an acting dynasty headed by her late father Henry, Jane won two Oscars for Best Actress for the films Klute and Coming Home in the 1970s. Known in the past as much for her political campaigning - particularly against the Vietnam War- as for her acting, in the 1980s Jane became a fitness queen with her "feel the burn" exercise videos. In later years her most prominent role was as the wife of billionaire media mogul Ted Turner, who she married in 1991 and from whom she recently filed for divorce. Joining Jane at the award ceremony were a close group of family and friends including her brother Peter and actor son Troy. 

    Affleck talks 'Pearl Harbor'

    A massive ship is sinking, sailors are clinging to the decks for their lives. But it's not Titanic. Hollywood's latest historical disaster epic is Pearl Harbor and Ben Affleck is the farm-boy-turned-fly boy there to save the day. Hollywood hasn't taken on the Japanese surprise attack on Hawaii in more than 30 years. Certainly, schoolchildren still memorize the date Dec. 7, 1941. But younger audiences may very well be just as shocked as the country was back then when they see the skies darken with Japanese fighter planes and the bombs ripping through the Navy base. "It made me proud to be involved in a movie that was going to try to show some of the gratitude that we owe as a nation to that generation of Americans," Affleck told ABCNEWS.com at the film's premiere in Hawaii. To add gritty realism, producer Jerry Bruckheimer put the actors through an Army-like boot camp. Veterans were on hand to make sure the story was told correctly. Affleck brings a fictional character to life in Rafe Macawley, a crack pilot who joins the Army with his childhood buddy Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett). During basic training, he falls in love with a nurse (Kate Beckinsale). As an actor, he found himself understanding their struggles while researching the role. "One of the most gripping and affecting moments for me, emotionally, was visiting the [USS] Arizona memorial, and that affected me," said Affleck. "That gave me a sense of place and history, and a real sense of humility." 

    Courtney, David deny rumours

    Courtney Cox and David Arquette have consistently denied rumours that their 18-month marriage is in trouble and recently bought a $7 million state-of-the-art house in Malibu as further proof of their commitment to each other. The Friends star has hinted they may soon start trying for a family. Gwyneth refuses to pile on pounds{tc "Gwyneth refuses to pile on pounds"} She may be prepared to dye her hair for a role - she went from blonde to brunette in the film Bounce with Ben Affleck - but there's only so much that Gwyneth Paltrow will suffer for her art. The Oscar-winning actress is said to have refused to pile on the pounds for her latest film, the Farrelly brothers' comedy Shallow Hal, and requested to wear a fat suit and facial prosthetics instead. As these pictures of Gwyneth on set show, the result is either entirely convincing or a body double has been drafted in. 

    Capturing nature's bounty

    By Laila Nasry
    For Chandrika Shiromani Asuramana, patience is not a virtue but second nature. A glance at her paintings and there is no denying the attention paid to every detail. Every dot is precise, every line painfully accurate. All this intensity and precision is focused on capturing something she loves-the environment.

    Living in Beligala, Kegalle, Chandrika is surrounded by nature's bounty, sprawling rubber plantations and gurgling waterways, jak and breadfruit trees. Obviously an artist with an eye for beauty she delights in the scenic surroundings which have remained a strong influence in her art. 

    Her paintings are simple. Easily comprehensible, her subjects are infused with colour and vitality. 

    Her technique is straightforward. As in the case of a beginner she draws first with a pencil and then colours it with water colours. "I got used to doing this over the years since I first began to draw when I was in Year 7," she says. But intricacies developed over the years call for hard work. "I have incorporated traditional art forms into my drawing," she says, adding that the inspiration comes from the temple paintings predominant in her district. "There is a lot of filling and outlining," she explains. As this is done by brush, it calls for an undisturbed atmosphere, a steady hand and tons of patience. 

    "Of course it's tiring and can be a real strain on the eye," she says. "But I enjoy it so much. It's the pleasure I derive that sustains me." However it's quite a juggling act for her, when it comes to indulging in her passion and teaching art to students at Mawathagama Central College. "But I think that is the best way to pass on my ability to others." 

    Chandrika's first exhibition titled 'Fruit and Flowers' was held recently at the Alliance Francaise, after the Alliance people 'spotted' her work at Kala Pola. "I have been going for the Kala Pola since 1992, while still studying Fine Arts at the Kelaniya University." There her paintings went down well with the foreigners "but I had no way of promoting them." Now having got the opportunity she is thrilled. "After doing this exhibition, I want to do more." 

    Foremost in her mind is the hope that her art will be a deterrent to environmental degradation. She hopes the beauty she portrays will make people think twice before they destroy our heritage. 


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