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11th March 2001

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Nature's chaotic trends

Nature truly is chaotic, and science is just a non-chaotic attempt to understand the Nature. Technology as we know it today is the exact byproduct of this attempt to understand chaotic Nature. So we see the

world around us manifest in weird ways.

The weirdness is actually not in the world, but in the fact that at some point in the history of our evolution, mankind has either by choice or by chance ignored the inherent chaotic nature of the world. Come to think of it, amidst all these technological advances, the chaos that man has created on the planet in terms of small conflicts among family members, to great wars between nations going to the extent of nuclear warfare, may be the outcome of this ignorance of the nature of Nature.

Remember when you were eighteen, the time your heart skipped a beat to the sight of that extremely gorgeous guy in the class, yet couldn't make up your mind between him and that not so good looking guy who understood every word you said and was extremely loving and caring. Well you may have not realized it, but you truly were experiencing the chaos. Sad but true you had to choose, right? Because the world we've built outside does not recognize this chaos within our inner being.

Likewise every organizational structure we have built from the family to geopolitical areas called countries and all the technology that followed have ignored this chaos trend of Nature.

Well look at what happened recently, perhaps the greatest disappointment in science. They thought that they had hacked the Human Genome which would reveal all the big secrets of Nature.

However they realized that the Genome itself is not as big as they thought it would be. Further probes made them aware that each gene under different circumstances produces different proteins (chaos again) contrary to the earlier belief "one gene - one protein". Now the new field "Proteomics" is busy trying to figure this one out.

Well folks, the day may not be so far away that we will realize and will have to accept the true chaos of Nature, which escapes the perception of popular science.

It reminds me of a saying by Leo Tolstoy who said ( at least I think it was him who said it) "A day would come that we will have to adhere to poetogamy instead of monogamy or polygamy as we know today".

Sent in by Ruch

This side of the fence

The Techno Page is on its 32nd issue this week. Ever since this page started up last year, the feedback from you out there has been quite encouraging. The occasional lull in the Inbox is almost always compensated by a flood of emails the following week. Articles, questions, jokes, cartoons, ideas and replies to queries and weird philosophies that are put forward on occasion bear testament to the variety of interest out there. Even the odd cautioning word and brickbats turn up once in a blue moon.

All in the name of constructive criticism though, nothing in bad taste.If and when the coloumn comes up in discussion too, various ideas, points of view and critiques are thrown around. Some like it when the page is technical and focuses on hard-core technology, whereas others downright dislike that sort of content.

Some like it when the articles are targeted towards the laymen with a general knowledge and an interest in technology. Many comment on the graphics and the page layout. There seems to be a fifty-fifty cocktail of those who like the visual style of the page and those who think it's a little too graphics intensive. (Hence the text intensive page this week.) These are the general views I have gathered from people that I have spoken to, so here's a chance for me to see what you the emailing readers think. Write in within the week with your comments, criticisms, likes, dislikes and what not. Next week, you will hopefully be able to read a distillation of the opinions out there.

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