24th December 2000
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Peacock : A sizzling slice of Lanka in Dubai

By Roger Thiedeman

There is an oasis in Dubai. No, this oasis for hungry (and thirsty) Sri Lankans living, working or just visiting Dubai, is the Peacock Restaurant.

It forms part of Sheik Hamdan Colony in the Karama district, only a short walk from World Trade Center Road.

There are several reasons why the Peacock in Dubai is really special.

Firstly, it is located in a quiet area, away from bustling traffic and noise. The Peacock is just the right, intimate size, seating a maximum of 40-50 guests. Both dining and cooking areas are spotlessly, scrupulously clean - a very important consideration for any eatery.

Then there is the warmth, friendliness and efficiency of the Lankan owner and his staff. The minute you enter the Peacock, it feels like you have stepped into a small slice of Sri Lanka, transplanted into the harsh environment of Dubai.

But a restaurant is nothing if the food is not up to scratch. So, my wife and I decided to check for ourselves whether the good reports we had heard about the Peacock were really true.

At first glance, the menu threatened to make our choice of food a bewildering exercise. The Peacock serves any and every type of authentic Sri Lankan food imaginable. From basic rice and curry, to buriyani, fried rice, hoppers, egg hoppers, stringhoppers, godamba roti, kotthu roti, pittu, pol roti - the list goes on.

Waiting for our food, we observed a steady take-away trade happening. A stream of customers kept coming in to collect food ordered over the telephone. Stringhoppers with all the trimmings, and packets of rice and curry, seemed to be the most popular take-away items. When the hoppers began arriving at our table, they came with pleasing regularity, always hot from the pan. Unlike at some other restaurants, we didn't have to wait long when more hoppers were ordered as the meal progressed. The same applied to egg hoppers. I lashed out and had two. After all, when I am on holiday, why shouldn't my cholesterol check take a holiday too?

The sambol and curry were not merely piping, fire-hot. They hovered around the top end of the chilli-hot scale too. And those prawns were not just devilled, they were positively diabolical - in the tastiest possible way! Mouth-scorchingly hot, juicy, and plump - everything you could ask of such a typically Sri Lankan seafood dish. Back in our Melbourne home, our palates encounter mainly Sri Lankan food - with the knob cranked up to 'Pretty Damn Hot'! So we were right at home here.

But one meal at the Peacock was not enough to satisfy our curry cravings. So, the next night we returned for another earthbound "taste of paradise". We just had to sample more of the chef's culinary magic. So, next time you are in Dubai, why not dine at, or take-away from, the Peacock restaurant? But first, give them a call on 396 2299 or 396 2288 to find out how to get there. We guarantee, you won't be disappointed. We certainly weren't.

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