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26th March 2000

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Macy and her surrealistic touch

Geri Halliwell takes hon- ours this week as her new single 'Bag It Up' topped the UK chart. The song has a very strong influence of George Michael, who is of course one of Geri's very good friends.

Halliwell first performed 'Bag It Up' at the BRIT Awards early this month. It was reported to be a very good performance. The new single is the 4th release from her 'Schizophrenic' album. The last 3 singles including 'Bag It Up', have all reached the No: 1 position. The other two were 'Mi Chico Latino' in August 1999 and 'Lift Me Up' in November 1999. Her debut release 'Look At Me', peaked at No: 2 last May.

The Californian rock band, Blink 182 made their debut on the UK singles chart this week with 'All The Small Things'. The single is acceptable rock music, very much in line with Aerosmith. The group members, at least some of them are tattooed with nose rings etc., not the kind of man a young lady's parents would like to meet. Nevertheless the song seems to be acceptable in music circles as it stands at No: 2 this week. It is taken from the band's controvertially titled album 'Enema Of The State'. Blink 182 has been very successful with 'All The Small Things', in the US.

Like most recent chart top- ping songs 'Don't Give Up', by Chicane did give up the crown with only a week's stay at the No: 1 position. Nick Bracegindle, the man behind Chicane has revealed that he intends to work with Vangelis, the man who brought out the famous 'Chariots Of Fire' theme song in 1982.

Nearly 10 years ago a song titled 'Killer'by Seal was released by the instrumentalist and producer Adamski. 'Killer' became a No: 1 song in the UK. In November 1991 Seal released the same song on his own as part of "Killer' - EP which also featured other tracks like 'Hey Joe' and 'Come See What Love Has Done'. The EP peaked at No: 8.

In March 2000 the German act ATB updated 'Killer' and released it to a new generation. The reception has been very encouraging as it entered the UK singles chart at No: 4. The single is the 3rd release for ATB. Their first UK single '9 p.m. (Till I Come)' was a No: 1 song in July last year. The follow up song 'Don't Stop', peaked at No: 3. With the release of 'Killer', ATB has also announced the release of the act's debut album 'Moving Melodies', which hits the market tomorrow, March 27.

A vocalist with a distinc- tive style is Macy Gray. Her music can be described as surrealistic. The young star who was born in Ohio in the US, gained recognition in the UK late last year, when her single 'I Try', was released. It debuted at No: 10 in October and went to remain in the top 10 till the first week of December. The multi talented singer with Jazz and Blues influence, was a double winner at the BRIT Awards early this month. Her song 'I Try' was so popular that the release of 'Still', was delayed by 3 months. Both tracks are taken from her album 'On How Life Is'.

Madonna at 41 has con- firmed she is 3 months pregnant. The news was released on Monday March 20. She is expecting British film director Guy Ritchie's baby. The queen of pop has been dating Ritchie for 10 months. The couple is in love and may consider marriage. Madonna has requested for privacy as her baby is expected towards the end of the year. She already has a daughter Lourdes by her one-time trainer Carlos Leon. Guy Ritchie is 10 years Madonna's junior.

Sir Cliff Richard and the Countess of Wessex (wife of Prince Edward) were among top names or personalities who launched a £5 million campaign to set up the world's first ever Crime Research Centre in memory of the murdered TV personality Jill Dando.

Mel C of the Spice Girls attended the opening of the 'Ideal Home' exhibition at London's Earl Court on March 15. Mel C did confirm that she had recently purchased a new house.

Britney Spears is said to be planning to give her parents $1 million as they have gone bankrupt trying to make her a star.

The members of the Irish band U2 received the "Freedom Of The City" from the City of Dublin in their native Irish Repubic on Saturday March 18.

Doggies get a make over

By Udena R.Attygalle

Every dog has his day and I was watching this one have a special day with Nedra de Tissera! A nice fur-cut, claw-clip, shampoo bath and he was ready to play doggie Romeo.

"All dogs need grooming. Some need it more often than others," says Nedra, a professional dog/cat groomer. The long-haired ones being the ones that need the dog comb more often, Lasa-Apso, Collies and Shih-tzu were among the more rare breeds that had had a grooming date with Nedra. "They have to be groomed if they are to look their best."

But in Sri Lanka things are different. Dogs come to her not only to look good, but also to get comfy. The weather is hot and humid and it's not exactly dog paradise. Imagine the plight of the St. Bernard whose original home is in the icy Alps! So those big furry doggies should be trimmed twice a year, says Nedra. Although this may be a disadvantage at dog shows.

While she goes to work with her electric trimmer, Nedra explains, "Our dogs are not used to grooming, they are nervous. But the second time round is a different picture." Loosening tufts of matted tangled fur seems to be the most comfortable thing in the world when Nedra is the one handling the dematting fork.

Nedra who was trained in Austria, impressed teachers so much with her ability to connect with our doggie friends, that they had an article about her in a local newspaper. Her Austrian training stint was organised by visiting veterinarian Elisebeth Sommeregger.

Tinting, that colorful yet vain trend is fortunately still alien to Sri Lanka. "I haven't got any request for that," Nedra says. The sight of purple and turquoise dogs is definitely not pleasant. Besides all those doggie Romeos out there would surely prefer a real-life 'girl' to a painted woofing doll.

What can you do at home to keep your dog tidy? "Brush him every day," says Nedra.

Teeth scaling meanwhile, is not the job of the dog-groomer, it's "specialised" cleaning to be done only be a vet.

All this talk of dogs and you'd think it is a dog's world. But that's not so. Cats and kittens too are groomed. Furry Persians and Himalayans are the ones that need it most.

Nedra currently works as the administrative secretary to a vet clinic down Torrington Avenue and can be contacted on 599799 or 958391

So if your dog is a Marmaduke or your cat a Garfield bring him over for a grooming date, and he'll have that dog/cat from heaven look. At least until the next mud bath!


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