Eppawela: the sun of it all

Nazi hunter

ISSN: 1391 - 0531

Dilemmma of 'disappearances'

The Sunday Times On The Web

26th March 2000

Re-writing history

In the preservation of National Security, strip

Vol. 34 - No. 43


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Front Page
Mirror Magazine
  • The Editorial 

  • -How to handle issues
  • The Political Column 

  • -Licence to hoodwink
  • Situation Report 

  • -*Wanni debacle: Where does the buck stop?*Eppawala: the sum of it all 
  • The Fifth Column 

  • -To Bill with love
  • The Jungle Telegraph 

  • -* 60-minute disaster*Minister warned *Flying Clinton*Peeping pleasure
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column 

  • -Bill Clinton and Uncle Sam in India
  • The Guest Column 

  • -Tactics to ensure parliamentary power 
  • The Special Report

  • -Re-writing history
  • Inside the glass house 

  • -A hate-hate relationship 


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