Thank you for being our biggest fan, nightingale, guru and best friend Linnette de S. Wijeyeratne The morning light comes stealing – To start a new day Out there the world is waiting – To take you far away We thank God every day for blessing us with you as our amazing mum. We will [...]




Thank you for being our biggest fan, nightingale, guru and best friend

Linnette de S. Wijeyeratne

The morning light comes stealing – To start a new day

Out there the world is waiting – To take you far away

We thank God every day for blessing us with you as our amazing mum. We will always wish for one more hug, one more laugh, above all for one more day!  With your last breath the world around us has tumbled with no one to call mum.

Daughter of the late Dorothy and Artie Peiris of Moratuwa, a descendant of the late C.H. de Soysa, and wife of Sherad, as a mother to a dozen, mother-in-law to nine grandchildren and great grand mum to 21 you embedded your footprint effortlessly with grace.

Your love and courage changed our lives;  during challenging times you stood by us like the rock of Gibraltar.  You were meticulous in household chores, our best chef, and seamstress. You laboured night and day to make new dresses for each daughter, especially to wear for midnight mass on Christmas day.  You were so proud to see us wearing your creations but we in return started comparing and whined when we should have praised your tireless efforts and hugged you. Mum, you brushed it aside saying that’s part and parcel of growing up, and we soon learnt this lesson when we became mums.

When Anne was sick you called us and said “manage the household chores as my priority is being with my sick child”.  You were with her in hospital for nine months. All that you taught us enabled us to carry on with Dad captaining the ship.  You sacrificed so much to put her back to good health but God had other plans.  As a mother, witnessing the loss of her child must have been terrible, but you remained resilient. We are sure with her parting, a part of your world would have collapsed and since then at every family function you would have shed a silent tear; however, you showed us a brave face.

When Dad passed away three decades ago there were so many incomplete tasks thrust upon you and only God knows the inner strength you had to complete them. Your strength and smile even on darkest days made us realize that you were the impenetrable support system protecting and guiding us.

For you, the precious gift was your dozen and the extended family. You loved us immensely and your happiness was to be surrounded by us reminiscing about the pranks we did during our childhood.

God said “Come to me, all of you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest “ but I am sure mum, you did not want to leave your special child – Naomi; you held on tight until all your strength was gone, but finally you slipped away quietly.  We promise you mum we will take care of her as you did and we are sure you will look down upon her from heaven and be her newest guardian angel from now on.

As you take your last journey which is our toughest walk we thank you dear Lord  for this gorgeous gift wrapped with grace, love, patience, compassion, humbleness that was handed over to us.  Thank you mum for being our biggest fan,  nightingale, guru and best friend. We miss you but assure you that we will carry on with your memories forever until we meet in that land where there is no parting. Until then goodbye and rest in peace!Love you loads!

 Your dozen

Life doesn’t seem the  same without Amma

Ratnavali Kodagoda

It’s a year since Amma passed away.  Today, we her family remember her with loads of love and gratitude.  We miss her so very much.

After thatha’s passing, Amma became the matriarch of the family. She was the sounding board when we had to make important decisions. She was the one we turned to for guidance and advice.

The house doesn’t seem the same without Amma. Family gatherings are not complete without her. Even now, after one year when we sit together for meal, we almost pause for a while, waiting for her to come and join us.

Family was everything to Amma. When each of her children married and brought in their spouses to the family, we became her children too. She never ever treated us differently to her own. Every New Year and every birthday, she made sure to give us each, the exact same gift. Be it a piece of jewellery or a saree  it had to be the same. My daughter Thilini tells a story how Aththa and she went to a shop in India and how Aththa wanted to buy pearl necklaces for us. Unfortunately the shop had only two that were of the same length. Much to Thilini’s embarrassment,  she says Aththa insisted that the shop keepers find another that was of the exact length. Apparently they had to send someone to another shop to get the required item to satisfy Amma. Many a time, my sisters-in-law and I have been seen going around in identical clothes, much to the amusement of the rest of the family.

Her grandchildren were her pride and joy. It is really sad that she missed important events in their lives that happened since her passing. She missed the graduation of one who obtained her master’s degree. She missed the ceremony where one took oaths as a lawyer. She missed another graduating from university. Most of all she missed the exciting news when not one but two of the girls got engaged to get married. Had she been with us, Amma would have been in her element, helping to plan the weddings of the girls as it was her ardent wish to see the five girls married!

We have planned a pirith ceremony to invoke blessings on Amma. I hope she will be happy with the arrangements. Since she enjoyed entertaining, we have invited her relatives and friends for a meal, to celebrate Amma’s life. I hope Amma is happy wherever she is. All of us, her children and grandchildren feel blessed to have had Amma in our lives.

Our wish for Amma is that her journey in samsara be a short one and at the end, may she attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana.

 Ruchira Kodagoda

You were a true inspiration to us all


If we could write a story

It would be a great one indeed,

Of a kind and loving human being

Who had a heart of gold.

You always cared for others

No matter who they were,

Always selfless, patient and content

With a kind word…. …a gentle smile

Being truly humble, true to yourself, through all your life’s success

You were a true inspiration to us all

A rare and true gentleman

In all your deeds and thoughts,

You truly practised what you preached

We miss you so much every day

Pride and veneration are how you are remembered

For you have enriched all our lives

More than you will ever know

Today we walk in your footsteps

Remembering your chosen path

as our true guiding light forever in our hearts

May you attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana, our dearest Appachi!

Forever loved and missed by your family

Precious gift of memories on your b’day


On your birthday, the only gift we can offer are the precious memories you left behind

May the Angels hold you close and sing happy birthday

While you rest in peace with God till we meet again.

 Lovingly and prayerfully from all your loved ones

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