Today according to medical opinion the main causes of death are either cancer or viruses. Why has this happened to us? India which is not such a clean country has not been gripped by such fears. The Indian people are healthier because they add wholesome condiments, lentils, pepper and sesame oil to their food and [...]


Cancer: The main cause is the food we eat


Today according to medical opinion the main causes of death are either cancer or viruses. Why has this happened to us? India which is not such a clean country has not been gripped by such fears. The Indian people are healthier because they add wholesome condiments, lentils, pepper and sesame oil to their food and they eat mostly homegrown food. What I see is that our people are used to consuming ham, bacon, pastries, Ajinamoto and such artificial foods resulting in poor health. Our country is surrounded by water. With clean air and water how come we have cancer and viruses? Sickness affects everyone, rich or poor, people of any race or religion. In the villages, we have seen a decline in the availability of nourishing and tasty food. This is due to laziness which brings about diseases.

We got our system of indigenous medicine from India. Most of our food ingredients and condiments such as coriander and garlic are obtained from India. Though we started cultivating onions locally it has not been successful. We must not encourage our people to consume food that causes cancer and other diseases. If that happens we will have to build more hospitals or import more drugs.

It is time for us to switch back to our indigenous food and medicine so that our lives would be healthier. Instead of expecting everything from the Government it would be good if we could grow some of our food in our own home gardens. ‘Health is Wealth’ according to what our Lord Buddha preached more than 2,500 years ago. The Lord Buddha realised that by meditation we could come to an awareness of what is good and bad for our body. His teachings go beyond the norms of modern science. The Lord Buddha understood these vital facts by practical means. In his vision, the qualities of kindness, mercy and equanimity need to be given priority because these will heal many of our ailments. Without mental health, we are prone to physical illnesses. It is still not too late to achieve good health by the means of mental powers in us.

Who is monitoring the quality of our food items, to which harmful ingredients are added? I feel we are one of the few nations that allow harmful or poisonous items to be put into our food. Sometime ago, terrorism provided the biggest business for undertakers. Today sicknesses caused mainly by bad food have taken that place. Temples, churches, mosques and Kovils must lead the way in getting people to follow a simple and healthy lifestyle. Strangely there are some who expect good health by consuming drugs. This just does not happen. It is also harmful to consume food. We take in salt as a means of destroying harmful elements. As a means of maintaining good health salt, pepper and bees honey came to our tables. We should avoid consumption of flesh of animals which are being fed with artificial food.

We should put a stop to the slaughter of cattle and increase the cattle in number so that we have more milk, ghee and other dairy products. Many have forgotten about the five types of food we obtain from cattle. Our space is limited to have cattle. We have no adequate feed for them. Dairy farming which was popular those days has gone into decay now. Most Indians take a teaspoonful of castor oil in the morning. It is good especially for children as it helps mental development. We do not have these good practices now.

Whose fault is it? Result is either cancer or viral diseases. Like the animals ready for slaughter people are condemned to die because of illnesses. In earlier times, we maintain good health with kollu or garlic water. If we did not have mother’s milk we had coriander. It had so much power and energy. What we should do is to have a list of good food items for the family.

Even though science has developed we have no answer to sicknesses that come our way now. Keeping a healthy and a clean body is important. We must also wear clean clothes. Even poor Indians sprinkle a little turmeric water around the house as a disinfectant. That power is there in turmeric. Our white curry is a mixture of condiments including lentils, mustard, cinnamon and turmeric. These ingredients act as antioxidants. Today many do not know how to make use of them.

We drink water from the king coconut and young coconut. The fleshy part of the nut at the top is called the Kahagoda which is medicinal and acts as an antioxidant. It is applied to wounds with turmeric powder for immediate cure. There is an increase in cancers of the mouth and tongue. I know of an ayurvedic doctor who can help. He treats cancer that is visible from outside. He treats internal cancers with condiments we take in with food. He uses spiritual blessings in addition to treatment. If you send details regarding your ailment, arrangements could be made to meet him. There is no consultation fee as the service is provided as a charitable act. This is especially applicable to religious clergy.

Most of our ailments are due to phlegm and other connected reasons. If we can organise our daily food intake properly, a lot of diseases could be avoided. We will avoid germs, and cancer. We get frightened when we hear the word ‘cancer’. Instead of being frightened we must change our food habits. Learn to keep an Aralu nut in the mouth and keep on biting it taking in its goodness. You will be in better health, with a clearer mind. Stomach ailments will be healed; there will be no constipation and blood will be purified. Sudden anger is one of the causes for bodily ailments. Don’t lose your temper, but try always to have a correct attitude in life. You will be in better health and will have longer life.

For your enquiries regarding cancer and viral diseases, send me a letter.
Peace and Goodwill to All.
Ven Galboda Gnanissara Thero, Podi Hamuduruwo, Gangaramaya, 61 Sri Jinarathana Road, Colombo 02: Telephone 2435169, 2327084
(A health clinic has been established at a devotee’s residence in Mahindarama Rd. Col 10).

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