Change has become the order of the day. Education has to keep itself ready for such a change .This puts a whole lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a teacher. School teaching is the single most important and noble profession in the world. Teachers pass on the knowledge and value to children prepare them [...]

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Psychology and Education course at Horizon Campus


Change has become the order of the day. Education has to keep itself ready for such a change .This puts a whole lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a teacher. School teaching is the single most important and noble profession in the world. Teachers pass on the knowledge and value to children prepare them for further education and for working life. Teachers are the main contributors to good education hence they are the main pillars of sound and progressive society. He who dares to teach must never cease to learn. ‘A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image but to develop students who can create their own image’.

Of course teachers needs to know their subjects and to keep abreast of it. But this is not sufficient. Most people are not born teachers being a teacher means learning how to use given skills under very peculiar conditions. There is nothing natural about school .Training is necessary. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that the training one gets will do much good to him. Just as there is little by way of guarantee that the children will get good teaching in school. Just as there is no guarantee that one will be a good teacher!

Today with  the challenging environment  in any school everything primarily depends on  the teacher .There  are  various roles played  by teachers  in understanding  students  needs some of them are learning  about students interests, planning and organizing  class room activities assessing the students  performance, understanding the basic needs of students, encouraging them to improve, calling for parent  student meeting  and discussing  with them about  the students  performance or discipline, motivating students to do  more, encouraging them to  participate in extracurricular activities.  Hence the role of a teacher is challenging.

Research shows that in the first few years of life a child develops 90% of their adult-size brain. Children may fall behind in both academic and social skills if they are not exposed to the right kinds of stimulation.  Studies of early childhood education have even shown some remarkable success. It resulting effects on child motivation and learning power last for a long time. Today education has a very important role to play in a society, In fact early childhood is a vital phase of life in terms of a child’s intellectual, emotional and social development. Besides this, the most important point to know is that the growth of mental abilities is at an astounding rate and high proportion of learning takes place during this period. So there is a need for training for the teachers who are the role models of the children
Education and Teacher Training encompasses three crucial facets identification facilitation and achievement .The teacher should know ‘to whom’, ‘what’. ‘How’ and ‘by whom’, the education is to be imparted. In the process of identification the implications are the student the curriculum the methodology and the competence. Facilitation incorporates all these aspects through the pedagogic task.

Achievement is the learning resulting in the change of behaviour of the student guided by the Teacher. A competent teacher is one who performs all these roles with equal dexterity.  This is  a result  of  accumulation  of  pedagogic skills, As a  forerunner  in child  education the  teacher  should have  clear  perception  of the child’s physical, emotional intellectual  ,  social  moral, environmental and  aesthetic  needs and  abilities  and the  teaching should be  meticulously  articulated to  fulfil  those needs  and develop those  abilities. All can be learners but only the most imaginative and competent could be perfect teachers.  Horizon Campus was established in the year 2009 with a vision to make the campus a centre of excellence by producing good teachers, graduates and postgraduates to be worthy citizens of the nation imbued with knowledge, skills and values which enables the students to lead an ideal and successful life with high integrity of character and bring compassion and be beneficial to the citizens of the country and to the self. The college is on track with the great vision of imparting knowledge and creating teachers to join in the nation building led by Mr. UpulDaranagama. MBA. B.SC., (Acc.FM), FABE, Dip. Hrmwho is standing firm to improve the quality of education through experimentation and innovation. It is his strong belief that education and teacher training is the one important area in which national productivity will be improved hence Horizon Campus is a dream child of Mr. Upul Daranagama.

Horizon has taken the international syllabus from the well known university Karnataka State Open University, India through i-Nurture, one of the leading educational solutions Pvt. Ltd from Bangalore to add feather to the cap. The certifying body for the courses run at the campus is KSOU which is a world renowned university from India.

Horizon Campus has an experienced and well qualified staff from India and Sri Lanka who are endowed with the finest qualities of head and heart. Dr.R.MPremaratne PhD, M.phil,PGDE, BA(Ceylon) formerly the Head of the Dept. of Early Childhood Education and Senior Lecturer Dept. of Education Open University of Sri Lanka and also the visiting lecturer of University of Colombo is the Head of the Department of Education at Horizon Campus.

Ms. Amara Amarasinghe Former Principal of Sanghamitta Balika Vidhyalaya, Consultant  Sarvodaya and UNICEF, Mrs. Pushpa S. K. Dassanayake former Service Advisor of Sri Jayawardanepura Educational Zone and lecturer of English at the Teachers’ College Maharagama  are the faculty for different courses.

Prof. Madhusoodan MSc. (Psychology) from India is the Head of the Department of Psychology, Mr. Biju Mathew (MSc Psychology) Mrs. Dhaniya Madhusoodan (MSc. Psychology) are the lecturers for Psychology from India
Mr. GanjiNageshMsc. B.Ed. M.Ed is the faculty for Education from India.

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Horizon Campus is offering courses which are challenging as well as the most demanding fields now and future days to come. Under the Dept. of Education campus offers Bachelor of Education which is a three year course and Diploma in Pre-School Education for two years keeping in mind the huge demand for the trained teachers for the schools in future.  The objective is to make teachers aware of the unique problems faced by children with reading difficulties and/or learning disabilities with regular classroom teaching.Provide classroom management techniques, instructional strategies, and other such material that equips teachers to meet the requirements of an inclusive classroom.Expose teachers to instructional strategies supported by scientific study to improve teaching quality.  To achieve this we have all infrastructure and human resources in the campus which is set up with a vision of providing quality education to the students and to join in the nation building through knowledge.

Dept of Psychology
The vision of the Dept. of Psychology is to promote high academic standards by creating an optimal and enriching learning environment fostering ongoing professional and personal development and contributing effectively to societal needs. The department in the campus runs programmes that includes BSc Psychology for three years and MSc. Psychology for two years.  Through these programmes campus encourages students to consider career and life missions that integrate psychological understanding to life. The Dept. realizes its vision to promote high academic standards through a continuous and dynamic curriculum review process based on feedback from students, professionals, potential employers.  A variety of students centered teaching and training pedagogies are practised by the faculty members. Prominent among them are use of seminar experimental methodologies, laboratory training fields based studies and interaction with experts.  Horizon Campus is situated among the beautiful outskirts of Malabe just 10 kms away from Colombo. The campus has an atmosphere quite congenial for studies and inviting for worthy living away from the buzz of the town. Horizon has excellent facilities; housed in magnificent buildings and provided with well furnished classrooms with modern amenities, good library and well equipped laboratories, modern computer facilities with internet and Wi-Fi in the campus to outfit the learner with all modern advancements.

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