When the Center for Professional Studies [ CFPS] staged its “OPEN DAY” at the Cinnamon Grand on July 22, 2012, prospective students and parents were left pretty amazed at the plethora of global level educational opportunities unveiled by the CFPS staffers as well as by the visiting top officials of the University of London’s International [...]

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CFPS offers the best in global level education for all Sri Lankan youth


When the Center for Professional Studies [ CFPS] staged its “OPEN DAY” at the Cinnamon Grand on July 22, 2012, prospective students and parents were left pretty amazed at the plethora of global level educational opportunities unveiled by the CFPS staffers as well as by the visiting top officials of the University of London’s International Programmes Division.

Sri Lankan students and parents alike were rather pleasantly amazed when the dynamic and vivacious educationist Professor Jenny Hamilton [ who heads the University of London’s International Programmes Division]  shook up their perceptions quite a bit with the announcement that the CFPS was fully geared to not only impart global level legal education as peerless leaders in that sphere in Sri Lanka  but was also geared to offer the University’s Undergraduate Degrees in ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND SOCIOLOGY, AMONG OTHERS.

That professor Hamilton saw fit to underscore the fact that the CFPS fully satisfied the foundational criteria set out by the University of London for its registered centres of education, namely quality criteria, student support programmes, quality management, quality of its administrative structure and facilities was seen as a plaudit that confirmed the status of the CFPS”s standing as a centre of unqualified quality especially in the sphere of excellence in global level education.

Pushing beyond the frontiers of excellence
It was evident from the gist of what the many speakers at the “OPEN DAY” said that the CfPS has subtly but surely shifted into intensive mode with a determination that’s intent on ensuring more of the best in global level education for all of Sri Lanka’s youth, male and female …  as well as for those in higher age groups. The new slogan could well read : GLOBAL EDUCATION FOR All from 17 to 70, with the motto that education at the highest global level indeed cuts through all age barriers. The University of London has announced its FAST TRACK graduates route to a top notch global level degree or/and diploma[ as Ms.Hamilton observed]. And as anyone knows, the flawless global reputation that’s obviously inherent in any qualification from the University of London for which one can study here at home at the CFPS academy, is more preferred by any employer in the world. What’s back of this enormous prestige to the CFPS at home and the University of London globally is the common denominator of an excellence that continues inexorably pushing further and wider the frontiers of global educational levels. It’s this insatiable thirst for consistent growth in excellence that drives the CFPS to keep on evaluating its goals and methodologies with a view to introducing progressively improved steps towards a better education for all of its students. This is the essence of the CFPS “culture,” or ethos,  if one prefers that word.

CFPS…access to all to the best university education
That graduates of any discipline from any University anywhere in the world, including Sri Lanka, recognized by the University of London, can also now gain access to the University’s FAST TRACK ROUTE TO A DEGREE OF UNCOMPROMISING WORLD CLASS through a mere 3 courses lasting 3 years also encores the CFPS credo that NONE SHOULD BE IRRATIONALLY AND BASELESSLY KEPT OUT OF THE BEST IN EDUCATION THAT HE OR SHE DESIRES TO ACQUIRE FOR HERSELF/HIMSELF. Gone are the threadbare arguments of yesteryear that were trotted out to deprive the needy from the highest that the world has to offer in education. Ms.Hamilton stressed it so eloquently in relation to the Laws Degree that “:It’s tough and the student needs motivation and dedication to succeed. The University of London will not dilute standards to merely get more students “passing’ their exams. With the CFPS as with the University of London, the guiding ethic is excellence, the underpinning moral is “the best ever education for all who dare to”

Degrees of the highest validity from the University of London.
Its motto of being “ absolutely and categorically committed to maintaining a high standard for our Degress, because that’s what our reputation is based on” is in fact the very essence of the motto of the CFPS itself. So what we have here is a partnership travelling in the identical direction. As the Chairman of the CFPS put it succinctly some time ago, the CFPS is all about opening doors of opportunity where none were available. And if, as Ms.Hamilton put it, the world has a high regard for a LLB degree from the University of London, then the CFPS can take a well deserved bow for providing the ambience in which students are nurtured by its ethic of excellence through to the very day on which they are awarded cap and gown at a glittering convocation.

Ms.Hamilton touched a subtle note of encouragement when she said “”We at the University of London are looking for more prestigious alumni from Sri Lanka. Today’s student at the CFPS can respond to that challenge and engrave his name in gold alongside Professor Weeramantry, Nelson Mandela and dozens of presidents and premiers, educationists and global professionals who moved into the world armed with the degrees of the University of London.

This is the reality, the enormity, of the offer presented to students at the CFPS on a platter. The standards will not be compromised, will not be diluted and the CFPS has the very best in lecturers and tutors, the very best in sta5te-of-the-art library facilities including wi-fi empowerment, access to the vast library and other teaching facilities of the University of London itself, access to network with multiple thousands of other students the world over, the services of an understanding and compassionate psychological counselor to help you smoothen out affairs in your life including pre-examination jitters, moot courtroom events, debating and a six month apprenticeship etc under the tutelage of the cream of this country’s legal fraternity that makes up the nucleus of the CFPS’s lecturing and tutorial staff.

And let all parents and students be fully assured that the Degrees /Diplomas awarded by the University of London via its courses provided through the CFPS are absolutely of the very same demanding standard and quality and command the very same honour that is enjoyed by a diploma/degree awarded to a student in campus at the University of London. The University of London also supplies online support services for students/parents who might be needing help in financial or other matters.The University also supplies hard copies of text books for the compulsory subjects and such other material pertaining to subject guides, access to past papers and chief examiners’ commentaries on such papers and access to e-books and e-journals.

A de facto university education.. Uncompromising standards
Enrolling at the CFPS, as can be seen from the foregoing, embraces so very much more than merely getting one’s name on a world class educational institute. Seen in the context of the vast access a student gets to the very heart and soul of the University’s teaching facilities, real online student interaction, its online support systems and the benefit of its vast research benefits it’s almost a veritable enrollment in the University itself…In a way of speaking it’s sort of studying at one of its longer distance college.

To recap, it would perhaps be the closest thing to a major misfortune for students to fail to take advantage of this unprecedented offer of a genuinely world recognized university education via the CFPS.   [ 1205 words] can be run in the papers with a pic of Mr.Peiris and Ms.Hamilton addressing the “OPEN DAY”

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