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By Saumya Pandithakoralege (5 years), St. Bridget's Convent

Dogs can bark. Dogs can run. Dogs can play. Dogs eat bones. I like dogs.

Movie time

By Rashvin Senanayake (7 years), British School in Colombo

We went to the Majestic Cinema for my 7th birthday. We watched the movie 'Up'. It was about a floating house. My friends Meth, Rahul, Sharuka, Nehara, Rheka, Kamlesh and Shania came too.

After the movie we came for lunch. At tea-time we ate my cupcakes. We played 'pin the tail' and 'dancing
statues.' We also played 'pass the parcel'. Kamalesh, Nehara and Meth won chocolates. We had fun.

My pet

By Maaisha Sameen (7 years), Muslim Ladies College

My pet dog is Hunter. It is brown in colour. It is very playful. It eats meat. It is very sad when I go to school because there is nobody to play with it. It barks at unknown people. It is a very grateful dog.

My hobby

By Sanindi Perera (8 years), Colombo South International College

My hobby is reading books. I like reading books. Books are very important. They give us many things to learn. We must read books. There are also very interesting books. Some books are relevant to our studies.

I have English and Sinhala storybooks as well. The dictionary has the meaning of every word. Sometimes I make my own storybooks as well.

I like to read fairytale adventures as well as about scientists and about space too. I also have a collection of books and I read books to make my future bright. I love my books.

My parents

By Mariah Imtiaz (7 years), Bishop's College

My parents are the most important people in the world to me. My father's name is Imtiaz and my mother's name is Fathima. They have treated me well from the time I was born. They give me good food and supply me with everything that I need.

When I am sick, my mother gives me medicine and cures me. They are always there for me. They pray with me. They teach me for my tests. In the morning they drop me in my school.

My mother is a Doctor and my father is a Director. My father plays games with me. They buy me toys, fruits and sweets. When it is my birthday they buy me a cake. Wherever they go, they take me. They take me wherever I want. They love me and I love them.


By Jason Williams (7 years), The British School in Colombo

I have a dog. His name is Salty. He is a smart dog. His colour is black. He plays hide-and-seek and football with me. He loves eating 'pedigree'. I love my dog. He is a faithful dog.

My country

By Lakindu Matharaarachchi (6 years), Royal Institute International School, Nugegoda

My country is Sri Lanka. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

There are twenty-five districts in our country. Colombo is the capital of our country. There are many rivers and waterfalls in our country. It is a beautiful country. I love my country.

My school

By Janith Munasinghe (Grade 2), Royal College

My school is Royal College. We celebrated the 175th anniversary recently. Royal College became the most innovative school in the world last year. I love my school very much.

Thinking Day

By Amra Ismail (13 years), St. Paul's Girls' School

Thinking Day is celebrated all over the world by Guides and Scouts. On this day, we think about Lord and Lady Baden Powell. It is celebrated on February 22.

On this day Guides give a penny with their thoughts. The Thinking Day Fund was set up in1932 by the World Bureau. Money from the Fund is used for the promotion of Guiding wherever the need is greatest. Money is also used to promote Guiding in under-privileged communities, to help with leadership training, to encourage international exchange and to support various Guide programmes and projects.

Companies organise celebrations on Thinking Day. This includes the renewal of the Promise, short talks on the life and work of the Founder and Lady BP, food fiestas, festivals of song and dance, games etc., which highlight the international aspect of Guiding. The Thinking Day Symbol was introduced in1975.


By Raeesah Noorhamith (7 years), Ladies' College

My name is Raeesah. I am seven years old. I go to Ladies' College. I am in Grade 3L. I go to school by car. I have a small sister. Her name is Ariana. She is three years old.

I like to eat ice-cream. My favourite colour is pink. I am a Muslim. I eat only Halal food. I have a small puppy. My mother's name is Roshana. My father's name is Rizman.


By Ashintha Rodrigo (Grade 3), St. Peter's College

My name is Ashintha Rodrigo. I am seven years old. I go to St. Peter's College, Colombo 4. I live in Ja-ela. My favourite fruit is apple. My hobby is collecting stamps. I like to be a pilot one day.

A nice dream

By Chamodi Samarasinghe (Grade 7), Swarna Jayanthi M.V., Kegalle

One day I saw a nice dream. The day of September 6, I went to sleep. I heard the sound of hum… hum… hum… I got up. I looked around but I didn't see anyone. Next I slept. Then the sound of hum…hum… started.

I brought my torch. I opened the window. I saw the stars, sun, moon, planets etc. I was surprised. But I didn't know who said hum…hum… I opened the door. I saw a very short alien. I shouted to my elder sister. But she didn't get up.

The alien said to me, "Come here girl. Don't be scared. I am an alien." I went to his plane. He said to me, "Can you help me? I am all alone.

My friends went to their home. But I can't go to my home because my plane broke. So please can you help me?"

Then I said, "Ok, I can help you." Then I made his plane. He went to his home. Then I was all alone. I cried. But in that place I didn't see anyone. When I cried my mother said, "Woe! Woe! Why are you crying?" Then I woke up. In that moment I knew that I saw a nice dream.

My English teacher

By Amna Hunaif (Grade 5), Oxford International School, Nawalapitiya

My English teacher's name is Mrs. Dinitha Winson. Her hometown is Colombo. She is very beautiful and kind.

She has short hair. She wears nice saris. Her favourite game is netball and her hobby is reading storybooks. She always smiles with us.

She teaches us English very well. I respect my teacher very much. She loves us all too. God bless my English teacher.

Why education is important

By Amriya Zavahir (Grade 7), Sacred Heart Convent, Galle

Education is very essential in every individual's life. The development of a country in every aspect is also dependent on the quality of the education the people receive.

What is education? Education, as commonly seen, helps us to obtain college degrees as well as secure employment, and enables us to enter and fit into society.

Education does not necessarily guarantee hundred percent success in ones future career. But a person with education has a better chance of doing well in life.

Last but not least an educated person can definitely make the world a better place to live in.

My hero

By Nadeem Sadath (Year 2), Trinity College, Kandy

My hero is Ben 10. I like to watch it on Cartoon Network. I have lots of Ben 10 toys. Ben 10 is not a real story but I like to be like him.

I am proud to live in Kandy

By Rovina Fernando (8 years), Gateway College, Kandy

Kandy is a hill city. There are many kinds of religious people in Kandy. The last king also lived in Kandy.
Kandy is a beautiful city.The Dalada Maligawa is the most important place in Kandy. Once a year there is an Esala perahera. Many people come to visit Kandy.

There is also a lake in Kandy. Kandy is famous for the Botanical Gardens. It is full of flowers and different plants. Kandy has a lovely climate. That's why I am proud to live in Kandy.

How to spend leisure effectively

By Tharindu Bandara (12 years), Bandarawela Central College

We all like leisure. Spending leisure in an unwanted manner is worthless. Each of us spends leisure in different ways. Some of them make our lives fruitful and meaningful, while some others will make our minds go astray.

We can categorise ways of spending leisure into three parts. They are sports, hobbies and aesthetic

Doing sports is a major way of spending leisure. We can gain an ability to accept defeat and victory in patience. Cricket, Chess, Monopoly are some sports we can spend our leisure on.

Having a hobby is also a good way of spending leisure. People are engaged in different types of
hobbies such as cycling and gardening. These are good hobbies. Quarrelling and fighting are much worse and lead your life to nothing.

There is a famous saying, 'Aesthetic mind never goes astray'. This means aesthetics makes ones mind go in the correct direction. Some of them are singing, dancing.

I think now we can understand how to spend leisure in a meaningful way, but make use of it.

Marvels of the environment

By Menasha Udayakumara (13 years), Mahamaya Girls' College

The environment we live in is really fascinating although we do not know everything about it. Gushing streams create a pleasurable sound and it is a pleasant scene as well.

Night skies are not second to them. It looks like shiny jewellery (stars) laid on black velvet. The scenes are really eye-catching.

Not only these, there are many other marvels of the environment like Sinharaja Rainforest. These marvels are getting destroyed day by day because of many reasons like deforestation, increase of pollution
resulting in climatic change etc.

We should take necessary steps to preserve the marvels of nature, for the future generation to see them, or otherwise we will be neglecting our duty. So let’s join hands and protect Mother Earth's marvels.

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