Sunday October 23, 2005
CBK-Ranil in crucial meeting today
President sounds red alert: JVP trying to destroy SLFP
Commission split on conspiracy theory
Met Dept. warns of floods, landslides
Emergency relaxed
Parties want foreign monitors in N-E
Election law violations: Polls chief cracks whip on Police
UN’s Lankan Representative exposes LTTE child conscription
CBK says media blowing up dispute with PM
Major breakthrough as Cabinet approves Medicinal Drugs Policy
Top docs discuss SL tsunami study
All except her?
Continuing violence aimed at journalists, media condemned
Polls chief’s appeal to Geneva next week
Stagnating peace process a cause for concern, says Dutch envoy
Floral tributes to Gamini D.
Jayasundera disagrees with AG's tsunami report
Muslim autonomy among SLMC’s 67 demands
Bolton visit revived
Airport death: Indonesia seeks more compensation
Airport rape: Court orders parade
Team off to inspect SL craft
Is Rajapakse campaign riding on rhetoric?
Lanka lost billions in aid, says UNP leader
Financial Times
Spence proceeds with $20m luxury hotel
Browns to expand under new owners, hire fresh talent
Asiri plans to build Rs 600m hospital in Kandy
Richard Peiris, AMW to work together, mulls synergies
Sampath-like battle brewing for Harry?
Voting rights of migrant workers
Donors working to “own” agendas in Sri Lanka
JVP and JHU are too oriental for military dynamism
Neo-liberalism is neo-colonialism in disguise
Sierra Cables IPO to raise funds for expansion, exports
Spoiling the tsunami and post-conflict rebuilding process
Bartleet TransCapital to broadbase ownership with private placement
CTC says amnesty for illicit fags could hit Govt. revenue
Appeal Court refuses interim relief to Janashakthi
Water policy eludes Sri Lanka, SA region
Blind mice yet again!
Investment important to end poverty
Mahroof heroics not sufficient for Lanka
Lone Kapugedara shines in the gloom
Abeysinghe, Raheem best at swimming nationals
Gamini Dissanayake – He guided the ship
A Penny’s worth
Teenagers Battle Seasoned Campaigners at Ridgeways
Just a while with Tony Opatha
To be among the best in Asia
Lankan armada in Indian waters
Mike in his second quest

Despite the pressures and turmoil of campaign politics, President Chandrika Kumaratunga wears one of her broadest smiles as she admires a gift presented to her from a grateful people of the city of gems Ratnapura during a rally in support of Mahinda Rajapakse. Pic by Ishara S. Kodikara.
CBK on save-SLFP campaign - Political Column
Who says promises are meant to be kept?  - 5th Column 
Storm at UN: Silent majority preparing to stand up and talk - inside the glass house
UAV: What happened or who did it? - Situationa Report
The need for a tsunami aid scorecard - The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
Corruption and the demeaning of democracy - Thoughts from London
Reflective thoughts on the collective power of victims among other concerns - Focus on Rights
What Ranil has in common with Scotland isn't Scotch  - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column 
Free and fair elections with or without emergency rule: Govt.  - Lobby 
From fame to flames
A toast to life!
A home of their own
Peace is sixteen-fold: Where does Lanka stand?
Diving out of troubled waters
Splendour of Florence (Travel)
It was 'Harmony' all the way (Kala Korner)
Letters to the Editor
Mirror Magazine
Saving ourselves
Caught in fashion?
Rag – a slice of life
Say hello to rainy days
The path of interaction
Soul Sounds on the net
TV Times
The day of the Dark Angel
‘Desmond and The Clan’ returns with a bang
Halloween Howl at Le Garage
Is ‘Samanala Thatu’ a children's film?



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