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10th September 2000
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Music News By Miles Brohier

The end of Scooch?

Two groups that appeared at least twice in the Top 20 this year, Scooch and Hepburn have both been dropped by their record labels as their albums have not been selling according to expectations.

Victoria Beckham aka "Posh Spice" is reported to be suffering with viral meningitis. The news of Victoria's state of health was revealed on Friday September 1 after fans began to criticize her for cancelling several shows in Germany. She is expected to make a full recovery in about 2 weeks. Victoria is currently in the UK singles chart at No: 5 with 'Out Of Your Mind', as the featured vocalist for True Steppers & Dane Bowers.

Two days earlier the Beckhams and Michael O'mara, the publisher for Andrew Morton reached an out of court settlement over the controversial book about the couple which was due to be out around Christmas. Morton had to delete something like 200 words about Victoria and David's private life which apparently centered on their manipulative methods of the media. It is believed the couple manipulated the media for their own gain. Buta then no one would really know what those 200 words or so were. Lawyers for both sides were claiming victory. Morton's book is to be titled "Posh Becks". It was Andrew Morton who wrote a controversial book on Princess Diana and the insight into her marriage to Prince Charles. It did to some extent lead to the couple's separation and subsequent divorce.The Beckhams are meanwhile also publishing their own authorized story very shortly.

The song that became the No: 1 in the UK this weeks takes us back to the year 1985. In the month of September that year the Norwegian group A-ha fronted by Morten Harket peaked at the No: 2 spot with 'Take On Me'. 15 years later, the UK group A1 give the same song a new lease of life taking it to a greater height. The A1 rendition of 'Take On Me' is perhaps better than the original. A-ha's video clip for the song was in most instances caricatures of the group members appearing in a kind of cartoon. 

It was at the time regarded as one of the best videos. But time has passed on and with due respect to the newcomers A1 have produced an excellent cover version. At times it is difficult to point out which is the A-ha version and which is the A1 version. A1 has over the last 12 months been releasing several singles. 'Take On Me' has been the group's 5th Top 20 hit and the only release to reach the No: 1 spot.

The Pop rock band Bon Jovi have yet another chart hit to their list of many previous hits. The newest release at No: 10 this week is 'Say It Isn't So'. The song is the follow-up to the previous single 'It's My Life', which peaked at No: 3 in May.The accompanying video has several top Hollywood screen idols lending support to appear in various adaptations making it a star studded cast. The song itself bears the Bon Jovi sound but most fans of the group would agree that Jon Bon Jovi and the boys have mellowed their rock sound a lot. 'Say It Isn't So' is taken from Bon Jovi's album 'Crush'.

Another cover version has made an appearence in the UK chart this week. It comes thanks to Lolly. She performs 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' at No: 14 which was a massive success for Cyndi Lauper (where is she?) back in 1984. As a matter of fact it peaked at No: 2. Lolly adds a trendier dance beat to the song.

Also Frankie Goes To Hollywood's old hit 'Two Tribes' is back in the chart at No: 17. The dancebeat added to the song robs it of the fire it had back in 1984 when it topped the chart.

Your first vote - does it count?

The country is in the throes of change. A general election is to be held in a month's time to decide who will replace the empty places left by the former people's representatives. Any changes that we are to expect in the next six years will affect the generation that is growing up now. We asked some of our readers who will be voting for the first time, at the general election on October 10, how they felt about it. Whether they look forward to being part of the decision-making process in the country for the first time, what they would vote for and whether they have faith in the system. This is what they had to say. Dayan - student (name changed) 

I'm looking forward to voting because the thought of voting for the first time is fun. I don't think my vote will have much of an impact because of all the malpractice, but I feel it is a civic duty.

The situation is a little frustrating at the moment because the leaders are not doing what they should be doing and election rigging just adds to the problems. At the moment the system is working slightly better than not working at all. But I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

I am voting for a better economy, but I don't know whether it'll happen because the war dominates and economic growth is hampered by it.
Tanya Vithanage - student

No, I'm not looking forward to voting. It's pointless anyway: whoever comes to power, we won't see an end to our problems. That has always been the case.

I don't want to vote, but if I do, I hope my vote will stop the war. Without seeing an end to the war we can't hope to go any further as a country.
Krishantha (name changed)

I want to use my vote for a decent government and to get rid of the small minded people who use their position, power and the country's resources for their own gains. It's very frustrating that such people should be anywhere near the seats of power. I hope the situation will change in the future and that leaders with dedication and an actual sense of feeling for the country and the people will emerge. I like to think that my vote will be a step - if not the first - in making this a reality.

Voting is important to me because I feel it is my duty and my right. Voting for the first time, I don't feel that helpless any more and I definitely look forward to making my contribution to the country's future. 

I have faith in the system of democracy, but I don't have faith in the way elections are carried out in Sri Lanka at the moment. With all the rigging, it seems ridiculous to even have elections in the first place. The voice of the people is not heard, it's the power hunger and ruthless tactics of corrupt politicians that talk.
Nimali - student (name changed)

My vote will be to see an end to all the corruption. Politicians poke their finger into everything and because of this everything in the country is a mess.

I'm not looking forward to voting, but I'll vote because I don't want anyone else using my vote. It's hopeless any way, there'll be rigging and malpractice.

I'm sick and tired of the political game, and I don't think it'll change. No matter what they say, we are stuck in it and there's not much hope.
Shiral Soyza - CIMA student

Yes, I do look forward to voting. I shall be enjoying one of my rights. It is important to me as it gives me a say in the governance of this country.

But I don't have any faith in the system. There is far too much malpractices. I think there should be a powerful Elections Commission like in India. 

My main concern is a better economy. I believe that the unitary state must be preserved, and I will use my vote for that purpose as well.
Uditha Hiripitiya - law student 

I will be voting for a better economy and peace, as I feel that they are the most pressing needs of our country today.

We have a very poor political culture and I have lost faith in the system because of this. There are weaknesses in both the proportional and 'first past the post' systems. We must combine the two, and make a system unique to the needs of Sri Lanka.
Charini Perera - student

Truthfully, I'm not at all looking forward to voting. It seems so pointless. People are disheartened because no one who comes to power does anything. It's just a lot of false promises. Also it's a mockery of democracy. The one with power always wins by any means.

I will vote to change the war situation. I'll vote for any honest, decent politician who seriously and genuinely would be willing to end the war. I don't think there are any, though. Everyone at the top has just been making money out of the war so far, and no one seems to be really willing to stop the fighting. 
Lohan Gunaweera 

My vote will be a protest vote. I'm sick of the political culture of the past 53 years, and will vote for an alternative new party. I will not spoil my vote as protest though, as that would be a negative thing to do. 

I see both pros and cons in the current system. It gives minority groups representation, which is a good thing. But it has spawned a lot of violence, which is very bad.

I'm not really looking forward to voting. I don't think it will make a big difference in my life. 


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