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5th December 1999
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Hair raising winners

By Laila Nasry
Hair Asia Pacific 99"Hair Asia Pacific 99" was held on November 22 and 23 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre. The response from participants from Sri Lanka and abroad was excellent. As in previous years this year too saw the emergence of new talent in both the hair and beauty fields. 

Parc Jon Hoon of Korea won the Grand Champion award having become the winner in both the Ladies hair- cut category and Gents hair- cut category and 4th Runner-up in Evening hair styles. The Sri Lankan Champion was Romani de Mel who successfully bagged the Evening hair style award and was 2nd runner-up and 4th runner-up in the Bridal make- up category and Ladies haircut category respectively.

The results of the six categories are as follows.

Ladies Hair cuts.

Winner : Parc Jon Hoon of Korea.

1st runner-up: Miharu Kobeyashi of Japan.

2nd runner-up: Hwang of Korea.

3rd runner-up: Royston Christopher Cooray.

4th runner-up: Romani de Mel.

Gents Hair cuts

Winner : Parc Jon Hoon of Korea.

1st runner-up: Christopher Cronenberg.

2nd runner-up:Gavin Ryan Hannibal.

3rd runner-up: Sean Berenger.

4th runner-up: Samantha Adirisinghe.

Evening hairstyle

Winner : Romani de Mel.

1st runner-up: Anushka Jayakulasuriya.

2nd runner-up: Renaldo Mercado of the Philippines.

3rd runner-up : Salomi de Silva. 

4th runner-up : Parc Jon Hoon.

Nail Art

Winner : Roshini Senerath.

1st runner-up : Gnei Sharana Noorjamin.

2nd runner-up : Safeena Bin Ahmed.

3rd runner-up : Chanaka de Alwis.

4th runner-up : Nirmala de Costa. 

Bridal make-up

Winner : Renaldo Mercado.

1st runner-up : Aroshi Rochana Dias.

2nd runner-up: Romani de Mel.

3rd runner-up : Shahiri Mahmood.

4th runner-up : Shalini Ayoma Siriwardene.


Winner : Chanaka de Alwis.

1st runner-up : Naamal Vas.

2nd runner-up : Shalini Ayoma Siriwardene.

3rd runner-up : Safeena Bin Ahmed.

4th runner-up : Premasiri Hewawasam.

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