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14th November 1999

By Alia

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Right of reply

Director of information Ariya Rubasinghe writes:

Reference the news item appearing in the "The Sunday Times" of 7th November, 1999 under the caption "Lost Track" in "The Jungle Telegraph column.

This news item is totally false. The Government has nothing to do with Mr. Vasantha Rajah's alleged presence in Sri Lanka nor is any "security arm" protecting him.

The Government has had no contact with him, since he was requested to resign from Rupavahini Corporation.

In the event that the Government wishes to resume a dialogue with the LTTE, it would use suitable, reputed and trustworthy persons to do so and certainly not Mr. Vasantha Rajah.

Hence publish this, giving it the same prominence as given to the above-mentioned article.

* Alia states that he stands by his story, and says he probably has more information on this than does the Director of Information.

Cry Sri Lanka

And so, it was like playing the flute to a deaf elephant: At least two Sunday papers had lashed out at the people with access clicking their glasses of champagne while the soldiers were begging for food last Saturday night.

The adverse publicity aside there was no conscience pricking. The celebrations had to go on for yet another night and yet another night.

Ten years and millions of bucks from arms deals HAD to be celebrated. Private parties continued down Tickel Road. The Tickle hurts. One can't laugh. Only cry.

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