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2nd May 1999

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Dear DaughterPoor discipline from youngsters

My darling daughter,

These days, there are reports in the media of various laws that are to be enacted to curb the rising violence. I somehow think, daughter, that laws can at best be a poor preventive mechanism. A child should first have knowledge of right and wrong and that he can learn firstly from his parents.

Often parents themselves give a wrong notion to the young. They seem to imply that affluence is the only criterion that matter. Recently I saw a youngster driving one of those beautiful sports cars. He was trying to overtake a van taking some school children, on a narrow stretch of road that did not allow for overtaking. Oh but he was getting quite impatient. Tooting his horn and trying his best to get in front of the van, he managed to get ahead regardless of oncoming vehicles, and then without proceeding on his way, he screeched to a halt in front of the van forcing the old driver to stop. The youngster scarcely more than a schoolboy with his friends came up to the van and abused the old driver in language which I hope was not learnt in the home. He almost tried to manhandle the driver. But wiser counsel prevailed and the three youngsters went away laughing, well pleased with themselves, leaving behind a very frightened old man.

To me the behaviour of the boys was scandalous. Such a lack of discipline and good behaviour from boys who most probably would be attending some prestigious college and apparently came from affluent homes. I wondered how their parents would have reacted, maybe laughed it off as a boyish prank. I think it is the permissiveness and latitude of parents that give rise to such behaviour on the part of their children.

I wish, daughter, people did not regard wealth and position as a substitute for decent behaviour. I think those who have the benefits of a comfortable life should be more understanding and compassionate towards others, for after all they lack nothing, but then perhaps daughter, maybe they lack the love and guidance of their parents.

Would you think that is the reason they ride so rough shod over the needs and feelings of others? After all if there is love in a home and children grow up in an atmosphere of sharing and respecting each other, then that behaviour will be reflected in society. So I guess in a way not all the laws in the world will bring in moral values unless they are first learnt in the home. Do tell me what you and your young friends think.


Champions Song

When the Sri Lanka cricket team begin their defence of the World Cup with the blessings of every Sri Lankan, their hearts will ring with words of inspiration. The Gypsies World Cup Challenge, a song created by Sunil Perera and the Gypsies will no doubt spur the heroes on.

The Gypsies World Cup Challenge was launched on April 22 at the Crystal Ballroom of the Taj Samudra amidst a large gathering that included officials of the Board of Control for Cricket, well wishers and of course the Gypsies headed by Sunil. The song, created in the typical, toe-tapping Gypsies style, promises to be a hit, what with cricket fever catching on as the World Cup draws near.

Singer has been sponsoring the Sri Lanka cricket team since 1995. "We are happy to be associated with a song that is created exclusively to cheer the boys on for this year's World Cup," says a company spokesman. "Gypsies World Cup Challenge is more than just a song, it is an anthem that cheers the team on, that tells the boys that the whole of Sri Lanka is behind them."

Other nations have created songs that encourage their national teams. Some of these have gone on to become worldwide hits. In Sri Lanka, we have had many songs about cricket but none that accompanies an effort such as the participation of the Sri Lankan team in the World Cup," the spokesman added.

The Gypsies World Cup Challenge will carry with it the wishes of every Sri Lankan for the teams triumph.

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