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22nd November 1998

Rich but no class

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The Komis Karkka as he was referred to by our lady not long ago was at a glittering show organised last Thursday by the local agents of the famous German auto manufactures Audi.

The venue was the same star class hotel where the Komis Karkka had an equally glitzy dinner dance for his fan club only a fortnight ago.

The young man said on that occasion something that went like "Those who know us-know us". In Sinhala a kind of danno dannithi. "Those who don't know us will never know us", he added.

Well how true his words turned out to be. As he waited in line for an introduction to the UNP leader ( and proud owner of an Audi himself) the leader ignored the poor little rich boy and walked away-to his waiting Audi.

Not everyone likes to have access to the stinking rich it seems.

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