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19th July 1998

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Not a gentleman

Remember how a group of media personnel were harassed and humiliated when they went to cover a passing out parade at the Diyatalawa Military Academy, of all things, on invitation?

It has now come to light that none other than a big man at the DMA has been responsible for the episode. And that too, despite a written request sent in by the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence to extend courtesies to the media to cover the event where Foreign Minister, Laksh–man Kadirgamar, was the Chief Guest. Insiders say this is the finding made by a three member Court of Inquiry headed by Major General Patrick Fernando. Assisting him in this task were Brigadiers Piyasoma and Edirisuriya.

The Court was appointed by Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Rohan de S. Daluwatte, who vowed to take strong action against those responsible.

Even those who train young cadets to become "officers and gentleman" are themselves not gentlemanly at times. Who will train them to behave is the billion dollar question ?

A Court of Inquiry probing another incident two years ago also raised serious questions on the conduct of the same man.

Olara's mission

It's months since UN Special Envoy, Olara Otunnu, came to Sri Lanka to study about children and war.

He was also engaged in a lesser known task for the United Nations - putting together an international group of leading policemen to help re-organise the Police service in Sierra Leone. He sought the assistance of the Sri Lanka Government too.

The result - Senior DIG (Administration), Dharmadasa de Silva, will leave shortly to be Sri Lanka's member in the UN sponsored team.

Open arrest

There are whispers in the uniformed circles about an unusual event in an area which is the centre of much action these days.

They say the big man has placed under "open arrest" his top most guy, ones who are generally identified as number ones.

Most are asking how and why this has come about. That's a top secret.

Tigers under water

Is LTTE's Sea Tiger wing trying to manufacture boats for under water sabotage ?

Intelligence circles say they were tapping suppliers in an European and Scandinavian country for equipment and parts for this purpose.


Some of our intelli gence sleuths do need a good briefing on foreign affairs if one is to go by a recent summary dated May 4, 1998.

One of the countries where the LTTE is listed for certain activity (details withheld) is said to be "Czechoslovakia" - a country that no longer exists in that name.

It's Czech Republic and Slovakia. That's how the countries have bifurcated after the recent turmoil in the Balkans. Time some help is sought from the Foreign Ministry. Even though the document is listed "secret," the fact that Czechoslovakia is no longer one is no secret !! That's for sure.

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