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5th April 1998

By Alia

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Only a part covered

The nine million rupee deal over imports of spare parts involving, among others, Brigadiers (reported in these columns on March 22) is turning out to be a scandal.

Insiders now say the nine million rupees covered only a part of deals in 1995.

The rest of that year as well as the two subsequent years have pushed the amount to a staggering Rs 150 million or more.

While there are whispers that the matter may be reported to the Criminal Investigation Department, Army Headquarters has appointed a Court of Inquiry to go into the matter.

It is headed by Major General Patrick Fernando and comprises Brigadier K.A.M.G. Kularatne and Brigadier M.G. Muthalib. They have just begun their sittings.

Lie of the land

A group of top men in uniform, some who have already gone on retirement, are among the lucky recipients of State land.

This has come to light after Government officials launched a searching probe into land deals in the aftermath of findings that ex- Minister Wijeyapala Mendis secured State land improperly.

A Government official said checks are now being carried out to ascertain how they inherited these lands not only at cheaper prices but also in prime areas.

At least one is said to have received fifty acres.

More promotions

Two senior Briga diers were promoted to the rank of Major General last week. They are Maj.Gen. Lohan Gunawardena and Maj.Gen. Wasantha Perera.

Army Headquarters have now recommended the names of five more Brigadiers for elevation to the rank of Majors General.

They are Brigadiers Shantha Kottegoda, Sarath Fonseka, Anton Wijendra, Susil Chandrapala and Chula Seneviratne, all of them serving in operational areas.

Military Spokesman Brigadier Sarath Munasinghe is also being mentioned as another due for recommendation.

Made in Kilinochchi

The outer side of the thick polythene pack carries the lettering clearly. It says "Made in Kilinochchi."

That's the label on the dehydrated field ration pack introduced to its cadres by the LTTE.

It contains yellow rice with raisins.

A few packs were picked up by the security forces last week.

Old is old

A Gearing class de stroyer from Pakistan for the Sri Lanka Navy ?

Reports from India speak of Sri Lanka suggesting to Pakistan that it should gift one of their old Gearing Class destroyers to Sri Lanka. It would of course have to be re-furbished.

But Navy officials say that would be too much of an acquisition. It would take nearly 200 officers and men to man the vessel, they say.

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