Heartfelt gift for kidney patients

Heartfelt gift for kidney patients

A state-of-the-art kidney hospital was declared open in Polonnaruwa on Friday by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa accompanied by former President Maithripala Sirisena. This China-Sri Lanka friendship…

Gas companies also seek price hike, CoL likely to soar

While the cost of living is likely to soar in the wake of yesterday’s fuel price hikes, a government-appointed ministerial committee is due to study…

Torture: New bill seeks enhanced fines upto Rs. 200,000

Those found guilty of torture or attempting to commit torture will have to pay increased fines in addition to jail terms in terms of an…


Rugby doldrums continue as incompetent SLR warm chairs

Rugby doldrums continue as incompetent SLR warm chairs


Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) chieftain Rizly Illyas merrily presented a comprehensive and promising plan of restarting competitions from August with a two-legged domestic 7s and…

Destination Unknown

If anyone thinks the current pay dispute between cricketers and…

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No fertiliser available

No fertiliser available

Farmers in Anamaduwa in the Puttalam district protesting in their fields over the non-availability of fertiliser. Pic by Hiran Priyanka Jayasinghe…

Ceylon Tea on the brink of losing global appeal

Ceylon Tea synonymous with quality and uniqueness of its origins could lose its place in the global market as smallholder growers who contribute 70 per…

Four new state-owned businesses to be listed in the CSE

Four new state-owned business enterprises (SOBEs) are to be added to the existing 52 strategically important state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as limited liability companies, and these…

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Vehicles for MPs driving the people up the wall

The Government seems to be rather coy, shying away from a rather unpleasant act of its which it knows only too well is not viewed with favour by the general public. It has opened Letters of Credit (LCs) to import brand new vehicles for Members of Parliament, and those in…



Meet the movie wizards

Meet the movie wizards

Don’t we all miss the thrill of going to the movies? Seeking out alternatives like online streaming platforms, YouTube channels, podcasts and other forms of…

Chandi, the star and country’s evergreen athamma is 94

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Laki’s landscapes of the mind

Engrossing tales and compelling message on future of medicine

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Enter the space of an artist from the comfort of your home

Enter the space of an artist from the comfort of your home

“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”, according to Leonardo da Vinci; but through the unique intimacy achievable through social media, art…

One kitchen, two distinct tastes and Gastrolabs is on cloud 7

Pin it with pride: Selyn’s “diversity dolls” celebrate equality for all

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