Vaccine vs. virus

Vaccine vs. virus

Thousands of people gathered at many centres in Colombo to get themselves vaccinated as part of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. A nurse wearing…

Rs. 25 billion from World Bank to fight COVID-19, but projects on slow track

A Rs 25 billion (USD 128 million) loan was made available to the government by the World Bank under its COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health…

Govt. seeks funds from INGOs and NGOs for Covid battle

The Government has requested International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and local NGOs to donate their allocated funds for the remaining quarters of the year for the…


Cricketers threatened to quit over pay  cuts in new contract

Cricketers threatened to quit over pay cuts in new contract

SLC rejects calls for disclosure in categorisation criteria // Domestic cricketers could earn around Rs. 2.5 million during the season maintaining confidentiality

Several cricketers have threatened to retire prematurely if no clarity is offered on the new point system which grades the players and decides their annual…

Injury dashes Hiruni’s Olympic hopes

Before the pandemic caused a postponement of the 2020 Tokyo…

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Greater support needed for frontline workers

There’s little point any more in blaming the Government for allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to slip into virtual free fall. Reports coming in from all parts of the country are distressing. The time for blame-games is over, it’s time for action. That the country as much as the world was…



Education continues amid the third wave of COVID-19

Education continues amid the third wave of COVID-19

Student monks of Wickremasheela Vidyathana Pirivena in Bandaragama engage in educational activities whie following COVID-19 health guidelines. Pic by…

Private sector continues to provide higher education for youth: Central Bank

UoC to partner with Malaysian university for research project

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Spiced to perfection

Spiced to perfection

Chaiwala Colombo offers a unique blend of two things loved by Lankans; tea and spice Yes,…

‘That’s what Friends are for’

Dream comes true for talented Vishmi

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