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Tourists from Ukraine

Tourists from Ukraine

Non-essential import restrictions for 6 more mths

State-imposed temporary import restrictions, to save on foreign exchange, are to be extended for another six months commencing from January 2, informed official sources said.…

Ukrainians’ bubble holidays in Sri Lanka

Amidst intense opposition from tourism authorities and no one to take responsibility for lapses, the first of the tourists since Sri Lanka closed the airport…

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2021: “Be positive, stay negative”

And so, a dreadful year in the Gregorian calendar has just passed and 2021 has dawned. Every New Year heralds new hope; this new year there’s greater anticipation but perhaps somewhat sober expectations and for good reason. This generation worldwide has little patience and the stomach for a protracted war…


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Minister wants to “revamp the Police Department”

Minister wants to “revamp the Police Department”

Many an eyebrow has been raised by a recent news item which states that “Public Security…

Attempting a Happy New Year

Prof. Karunadasa presents new book to PM

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It’s naturally purrfect!

It’s naturally purrfect!

“In other countries you see things like ‘bring your pet to work day’- for us we…

A flicker of fragrance for the New Year

Cinema braving against pandemic

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