All of us have heard the famous saying “do not feed serpents with milk”, which enlightens us to keep away from destruction. According to this context, the serpents resemble the two legged poisonous people who have the ability to rebut and sting you. We all are well aware that poisonous humans do exist, however this [...]


Are you FEEDING, what you ought to be FIGHTING?


All of us have heard the famous saying “do not feed serpents with milk”, which enlightens us to keep away from destruction. According to this context, the serpents resemble the two legged poisonous people who have the ability to rebut and sting you. We all are well aware that poisonous humans do exist, however this article is not about feeding such people but about another cluster of disastrous enemies that you have to fight until the end of time.

When I was a young boy, I was excessively addicted to pornography that it ultimately grew into a great enemy of mine. It demolished my focus and energy which I could have constructively diverted towards my education and sports. Unfortunately, instead of fighting contrary to my addiction of pornography, I continued feeding and fertilising it by merely exposing my eyes towards it. Instead of opposing the habit by destroying the pornographic magazines and videos that I retained, I constantly collected more magazines and videos. I was simply feeding the serpent of pornography that I should have combatted.

When you feed what you should fight, the battle becomes very tough, as you are growing the enemies that you ought to strive against. When weed is fertilised, there is great potential that it will overrun the growth of the plant and destroy it.

Isolation is another serpent that needs to be fought and defeated. Many people are terrified to be rejected, hence they hide in a cave known as isolation. Every time you reject an invitation you receive to attend a get-together or fellowship gathering, purely because of the fear of being rejected, you are invariably feeding the serpent of isolation within you.

I have seen many people who are afraid to socialise, therefore they opt to conceal themselves in the dark. Little do they know that by doing so they are continuing to feed the serpent of isolation. I am in complete agreement with the fact that one must select their comrades wisely, as it has a great influence on their thought patterns. As for me, I avoid attending gatherings where people gossip, judge and discriminate others. Associating people of that nature will force one’s mind to accept such behaviour and it would have a negative impact on the characteristics of that person.

If you are rejecting positive and contributive affiliations, associations, friendships and engagements merely because of the fear of being rejected, you are feeding an enemy who is residing in your house, who may even destroy your happiness one fine day.

Some people possess a bad habit of speaking in filth, habitually conversing in filth has tarnished and hindered the growth of their personality. However instead of fighting the imperfection of speaking in filth, they persist feeding their bad habit by exposing themselves to a multitude of people who also speak and share filthy content.

The downside of such behaviour is that the children of those people are exposed to such a conduct that they would start speaking in the same manner when they grow up, it will undeniably ruin their future. Unfortunately, many think that their opponents are the outsiders, as I have mentioned in many of my articles, if you choose wisely you can reject the fights with the outsiders but the battles within you can be avoided only by fighting over it.

Presently, obesity is another harsh battle that many people are fighting. If you take a close look at the lifestyle of such people you will be flabbergasted to see how they are feeding obesity instead of fighting over it. Consuming junk, oily food and sweets will not support you to fight the battle, these infractions feed the serpent until it destroys you.

Feeding is always in agreement with the weakness, whereas fighting is always against it. If you choose to walk in agreement with your enemy, it would undoubtedly destroy you one day. Sadly, many people are walking in complete agreement with their enemies by constantly and continuously feeding what they ought to fight.

Many people have put themselves in chaos by making apprehensive decisions due to their highly emotional nature. Feeling for another is a wonderful value, but not knowing its limits will restrict you from making wise and prudent decisions. It is good to trust good people, likewise it is bad to trust bad people, being too emotional will deprive you from becoming wise and making accurate decisions in life.

However instead of conquering it, people keep on exposing themselves to unrealistic Hindi movies that are illusory and highly emotional. I know of many innocent female employees from garment factories who have been deceived by wicked people as a result of those innocent girls being far away from the reality due to the dreamy nature inherited by constant exposure to unrealistic Hindi movies. One might simply say that he or she is emotional by birth.

Why not contemplate, even though we all acquire a native language, we speak few other languages as well. What you inherit by birth is one thing, training yourself towards something is another thing. Therefore, train yourself to fight against the inherent negativity that does not do any good to you.

I was born to a poor family, most of my uncles spoke in filth, and it ultimately transformed me to speak in filth as well. Eventually I realised that this speaking style will not lead me to superiority, as a consequence, I decided to avoid speaking in filth. I fought against it, instead of feeding it.

My question for you today is, “Are you feeding what you ought to fight?” Both fighting and feeding are based on a decision that you take, either to fight or to feed and your commitment to stick to that decision plays a key role as well. Many people obtain a gym membership at the beginning of the year, yet they abandon working out by the end of February.

Lot of houses have at least one or even many exercise machines which sooner or later turn into cloth hangers. I generally classify such machines as ‘ultimate cloth hangers’. An exercise machine is a part of the fighting armoury and junk food is a feeding tool. What is your selection of armoury and tools? Are you attempting to fight, or feed what you should fight? According to your decision the next generation will classify you either as a winner or a loser. Today, I am living a clean and purified life as a result of the decisions that I have taken in the past to fight the enemies within me, who are slowly but certainly dragging me towards destruction.

Fighting becomes a passion once you train your mind to focus on the reward. Until you focus on the reward or the outcome of emerging victoriously from the battle, fighting will always remain a misery.

When you are thoroughly focused on the reward and not the fight, then fighting becomes a part and parcel of your lifestyle. When you become a fighter, undoubtedly your next generation will inherit the nature of fighting as the not giving up DNA will roll on to the next generation.

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