People tend to think that only physically blind people exist but then there are the others who are fit enough to walk straight physically, even though their manner of thinking is crooked and blind. This is purely a result of being imprisoned by your own ego. To be precise ego is sentencing yourself to prison, [...]


“EGO” You Sentencing Yourself to Death


People tend to think that only physically blind people exist but then there are the others who are fit enough to walk straight physically, even though their manner of thinking is crooked and blind. This is purely a result of being imprisoned by your own ego. To be precise ego is sentencing yourself to prison, whilst having the liberty and authority of making judgements. It is like the speck of dust that gets into your eyes that blurs your vision and steals your happiness.

A person controlled by his ego will always be in misery. Just as a bushfire erupts from within the forest and abolishes itself, similarly if you let Ego grow within you, it will destroy you.

If your doors are left open at night, unless you have a watchman, burglars will undoubtedly steal your belongings. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant about this bushfire of ego, if you do not keep watch, the moment it enters your mind at any circumstance, it will surely consume your happiness and leave you barren and hollow minded.

People who are imprisoned by their ego are actually holding on to the weight of a heavy cross, thus depriving themselves from enjoying life to its maximum. A charlatan feeds on Ego, to maintain a falsehood simply because he is driven by it.

I have seen many people who live in hunger as a result of investing their resources on ego. If your capacity allows you to buy a Maruti, then do not invest on a BMW, you will only acquire feeding your ego and sorrow. You may be able to drive the BMW for an hour or so within a day and feed your ego, but you will surely be devastated the rest of the day.

People pretend not merely because they like it, but because they think they will not be accepted and embraced by their circle. Ego is a creation of a False Self that entails fear and defensiveness. I know of a young boy who married a beautiful girl by manipulating her, saying that his father is a wealthy man.

Even though he was able to forge her until marriage, no sooner he had to go through the bitterness of a divorce, after the girl discovered his true family background.

What we always hear is that others create separation between people. But today I am telling you that ego separates you, from “Real You” to “Fake You”. Life becomes miserable when a person is divided within himself because then there will be two people within one. It is the most dangerous war one could ever face. Fighting with an opponent is not tough, because you could always opt to refuse the battle, but battling with thyself is arduous.

Ego can shatter a relationship. On the other hand a simple apology can repair and strengthen a relationship to a new level. Just as corrosion steals the originality of steel, so does Ego steal your happiness and rusts your originality. Well, all of us are born as unique and original personalities. That is why our fingerprint does not have a duplicate. The moment you accept yourself, you are already half way through the battle, but the moment you reject yourself you lose the battle before the fight begins.

Therefore, one must bid utmost importance in destroying his Ego, or else Ego itself will destroy him. When our nails are grown, we trim our fingernails and not our fingers. Similarly when an issue arises in a relationship, eliminate your ego and not your relationship.

Humble people will always possess transparency in their journey of life whereas pride will make your growth cloudy. Ego can make you deaf so that you will no longer be open to the reality. It is always easier to tame a cub than a roaring lion, so why not make a decision today to tame your ego as and when you identify it or when someone else point it out to you, if not your ego might turn into a roaring lion that will destroy the true purpose of your life.

Just think for a moment, are you a hostage of your own ego, that you cannot live the life you desire. Ego is a seed which can grow into a gigantic tree. Very often, unintentionally we tend to nurture our enemies such as ego.

The instant you permit egoistic thoughts to convert into actions you initiate nurturing Ego. You may have unintentionally nurtured and watered egoistic thoughts multiple times a day. Ego will influence you to strive and overtake someone who has already overtaken you. The moment egoistic thoughts are approved, they instantly feed your ego and provide it the energy to develop within you.

You need to be highly alert in order to win this thought battle, otherwise you would not even be aware that thoughts of negativity have taken full control over you.

You cannot be as imprudent as to imprison yourself in Ego. Life has a lot to offer us, every phase of life from infancy to the old aged, we will encounter a countless number of joyful events that will make life splendid. If you make yourself murky with ego, you will never be able to witness the beauty of life, as you have already blurred it at its inception.

The root cause of many overwhelming relationships is the ego of one stubborn person, hence ego could easily be identified as the key object of broken relationships. I am married to the most wonderful girl I have ever met in my life, she has never argued with me during the many years that we have been married and that has solely assisted us to advance our lives blissfully.

Humbleness is a great gift. You need not worry if you do not possess it, as you can always cultivate it as long as you want to include it in your armory. Ego constantly seeks “Who is Right?” which is the competitive format of “What is Right?” which is the format of reality.

Ego stops you from saying three of the most beautiful statements in life precisely – “I Love You” “I Miss You” and “I am Sorry”. If you know how powerful these three statements are, I am certain that you will memorise them with much concern than you have memorised your most preferred song.

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