SLC gearing up for ‘tougher’ times

SLC gearing up for ‘tougher’ times


A possible abandonment of the home series against South Africa and India in May and June may not trigger a long term financial loss as…

Football coach set to take pay cut

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) is in talks…

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Risking it all for an election

Typically, in Sri Lanka, even when there is a national calamity, it is politics that seems to dominate the national agenda. In more recent years, when there was imminent Indian military adventurism into Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (1987), certain leaders of the then Government scuttled a joint statement…


Sunday Times 2

Life in post-corona world

Life in post-corona world

In last month’s column I described how I was enjoying my case of Corona – not,…

Return to normality: But what is the norm?

If you can keep your head above you…

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A bottleful of love and heritage

A bottleful of love and heritage

Over the years the Burghers have contributed to the rich fabric Sri Lankan society in many…

Chilling tales for these humid, lockdown nights

Some apps to help you meet up virtually

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Improving mental resilience during COVID   times

Improving mental resilience during COVID times

I did not, until now, believe the Butterfly Effect. Popularised by the Hollywood film of that…

Covid-19: The silver lining amid the hard medicine

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