“Find greatness in every step”. Such has been the words that inspire the young minds that enter into the National School of Business Management Green University. It has been at the center of attention, and has stirred up an interesting conversation in each of the years following its maiden opening on the 26th October 2016. [...]


Setting the bar for an University experience- NSBM Green University fully geared to face the new decade


“Find greatness in every step”. Such has been the words that inspire the young minds that enter into the National School of Business Management Green University. It has been at the center of attention, and has stirred up an interesting conversation in each of the years following its maiden opening on the 26th October 2016.

Prof. E.A.Weerasinghe Vice Chancellor NSBM Green University

Vice Chancellor, and the spearhead behind the iconic university (which is more of a University town rather than an average university) Prof. E.A.Weerasinghe shared a narrative regarding the glorious years NSBM Green University has passed since it’s debut.

How did the idea for a ‘Green University’ first pop up?

The idea was in the making since the days where I held office as the Director General at NIBM. That was in 2006. Turning NIBM around was the first challenge, and it was achieved through strategic planning. The change was drastic, and everything was revamped from the price structure, physical facilities, development of academic staff to the introduction of new programs. Despite resistances, NIBM stood tall and delivered to its precious students. Thereafter, NSBM Nugegoda was born as the sibling institute of NIBM, which was the starting point for many great things to come.

Now the question remained; is this enough? Students are getting their academia from the best sources, but is that all that university life has to offer? Attending lectures and getting the degree alone doesnt make a student a fully developed graduate. The entire experience should be given within the ideal background.

Therefore the proposal to create a fully fledged university which comprise of sports, state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, extra curricular and recreational activities etc which makes the university life ever so wholesome was developed in 2011.

The proposal was met with a few initial skepticisms, however the relevant authorities understood the urgency, and warmed up to the idea. Once the relevant authorities gave the green light, the green university was officially ready to be constructed. A land which was once a coconut estate located in Homagama, Pitipana was chosen to become the prodigy which is NSBM Green University. The construction of the university officially began in 2012, once all the design and financial aspects were dealt with.

It took 1000 days for this impressive idea to come to fruition. By definition, a ‘Green University’ refers to an institution which operates with the vision of attaining sustainable development. All operations at NSBM is geared with that clear focus. The University started off with a cohort of nearly 6000 students, and the numbers only grew since then.

How does NSBM eliminate the ‘rag phobia’ which exists within the traditional university structure?

There is a significant diversity amongst the cohort of students enlisted at NSBM. Students from different cultures, ethnicities and religions are taught to co-exist with one another. This is helpful particularly for the international students. NSBM evokes thoughts which makes each individual love themselves first, for how can a person expect to love others, if they cannot first love their own self?

Instead of creating distance amongst students, NSBM constantly urges everyone to engage and socialize. This is done since the day a fresher steps into the university. The senior batch takes it upon themselves to organize a friendly interactive session with the new faces, as an attempt to ease them into the new family. Thereafter the students have the option to enlist in a club/association of their choice, play whatever sport that they excel in, or engage themselves in academic events. This makes sure that countless opportunities are available for students from different batches to get to know each other. Furthermore, it eliminates the seniority-junior gap which boosts or depletes egos within the traditional university structure.

Can you give a visualization of the structure of each individual faculty?

There are currently 3 faculties at NSBM Green University. They are namely the Faculties of Business, Computing and Engineering. Each faculty has its own unique affiliations. Several of the foreign affiliations comprise of iconic names such as the University of Plymouth- United Kingdom, University of Dublin- Ireland and Victoria University- Australia. NSBM also offers UGC approved degree programs.

The Faculty of Business paves students the path to chose a specialization in International Business Management,  Human Resource Management, Logistics, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Events/Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Communications, Project Management and Banking and Finance and Financial Risk Management. The specialization depends on what is offered by the affiliated university, and such is applicable for the remaining 2 faculties as well.

The Faculty of Computing offers the necessities to conquer the IT world. Students have the luxury to study Management and Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Networks and Multimedia, Web and Mobile Application Development and Computer Security.

The most recent inclusion into NSBM’s portfolio is the Faculty of Engineering. It offers specializations in Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Interior Design.

The duration of these programs are 3-4 years, depending on the degree under consideration. NSBM further offers a certificate program which acts as an Advanced Level equivalent, thus a student can enter the University upon completion of their Ordinary Levels. Each students need to have a minimum of 3 simple passes for their Advanced Levels to gain entry. If the criteria is not met, they are expected to take the certificate course.

What are the disciplinary precautions taken at NSBM?

A student is put into trial (under the NSBM  disciplinary committee ) if found guilty of violating the established rules and regulations. Students are given several opportunities to take corrective measures for their behaviour during a probation period. NSBM doesnt wish to give up on it’s students, but if the situation is dire and the offense is unforgivable, the management has to resort to permanent expulsion.

During the past few years, only 2-3 students had to go to the extreme of getting expelled. Apart from those minor blemishes, NSBM constantly attempts to change the mindsets of its students.

NSBM is located in what some might call a ‘remote area’. Does NSBM provide a transport service to make it easier to visit?

A free shuttle service is available from NSBM Green University to the Kottawa interchange on certain designated hours. Furthermore, a CTB service is available to take students to and from the university; both in the morning and in the evening. The transport service covers Negombo, Galle, Gampaha and Horana.

What are the extra curricular  activities available at NSBM?

NSBM Green University facilitates the highest number of clubs and associations available for any higher educational institute in Sri Lanka. There are 5 main areas of focus for these clubs and associations; Sports, Activity Based, Religious, International, Subject Related.

Close your eyes and imagine a club or sport. 9/10 times its possible that club is available at NSBM. It has special clubs for ruby, cricket, football. The entire list cannot be mentioned, but it is sure that any sport which pops up into your head can be played at NSBM. The same goes to the other activity based, religious, international and subject related clubs.

NSBM is proud to lead the best Rugby, Badminton, Basketball and Swimming teams in the entire Sri Lankan University system. Victories follow in every participating game. Even the international clubs; Leo, Gavel, Roteract, Toastmasters, AISEC, Model United Nations are performing exceptionally well in terms of building community awareness and promoting social welfare. Religious clubs cover each religion as a testament for the cultural diversity mentioned earlier.

NSBM students are known to ‘give something back to the society’. What are the most recent endeavors tackled by NSBM students?

The Coronavirus took the world by storm, and chaos spread around the nation. Understanding the dire circumstances, the students from the LEO club took an initiative to distribute safety masks at Homagama. The students have the drive inculcated amongst themselves to such an extent that they plan and execute such projects on their own accord; with minimum assistance from the management. The funding for such heart warming projects are collected by organizing mini-events and by selling various products/services amongst fellow students

Activity based clubs have their own CSR projects. The university itself has a main line of thought when it comes to CSR. Certain batches unite and as a collective approach host certain projects which acts towards the betterment of the nation. ‘Raava 2020 ’ is an ideal interpretation of such a collective approach. It was conducted by the combined effort of the UGC- UDC 18.2 batch. This project focused on developing the soft skills and knowledge of students representing over 50 schools.

Apart from that, several community service clubs regularly select underprivileged schools and give donations to make their day even more better. Certain CSR projects are mandatory for their specializations, thus it paves the path for every student of that particular specialization to give back to the society.

What can be expected from the NSBM staff?

I constantly remind the staff that NSBM runs because of it’s students, and the parents. They are expected to deliver to the best of their effort. It is best remember parents send their child to learn, even when faced with critical financial difficulties. It is an absolute crime if that was taken for granted.

Lecturers are constantly asked to remain updated. The current generation is quite different from what an average lecturer is used to, therefore it is pivotal for them to remain in touch with the changes in student mentalities. Students are potent enough to distinguish whether a lecturer is genuine, or a mere dud. It is a big challenge for the lecturers to remain on the same level of the sophisticated new generation.

The lecturers of NSBM do not restrict their teaching for the relevant subject matter; they prefer to go the extra mile. Students are taught the essentials of soft skills and personal development. These aspects makes students more presentable, and in turns boosts their employability once their time at the university comes to a close. Each lecturer has a soft human touch to their teaching approach. This makes it easier for the students to approach them with their personal matters, and seek advice whenever necessary.

The story is that NSBM has intentions to expand into new faculties and specializations. Can you reveal what is currently in the making?

A new project is currently planned to convert a new 16 acre land into an expanded version of the NSBM Green University. Three additional faculties are expected to make its way to the NSBM portfolio. These are the Faculties of Science, Law and Social Sciences.

This project further facilitates the construction of a multi-purpose building which accommodates over 2000 residents. The current hostel facility only accommodates around 400 students, and this expansion is a much demanded relief. Two specific sections are allocated for both males and females. A complete colossal playground is expected to be included within the new premises. The official launch of the next phase of the project is expected to commence in 3-4 months time.

How often does NSBM take intakes?

NSBM takes two intakes per year; immediately after ALs and once the AL results are released. These fall on the months of March and October. In 2019, a total of 2500 was registered for both intakes. The plan is to reach 3000 by the end of 2020.

What is the long term trajectory for NSBM, and how does it plan to become the best in Asia?

The Business Faculty has received the AACSB Accreditation. It is a world recognized qualification. It is bestowed upon great universities like Harvard, Deakin and Monash. NSBM has proudly entered amongst the potential candidates to enter into ranks of those who are worthy of receiving that prestige. The University of Jayawardenapura and Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) represents Sri Lanka along with NSBM within the list.

Constant improvements are required to achieve this status, and NSBM is expected to gain full membership within the next 5 years. That is the primary quality assurance strategy adapted by NSBM.

The other determining factor is the foreign affiliations. Each affiliated university sits amongst the top 300 ratings. Internal quality assurance teams are sent from each foreign university to make sure that the product is upto the mandatory standards. This guarantees that the quality is maintained, and updated on a yearly basis. The local authorities are vigilantly alert on the university’s operations.

NSBM doesn’t wish to linger and procrastinate for half a century to receive a global rank.

Considering the path which NSBM is heading on at the moment, it is merely an inevitability that the university shall earn the grandest rank within the entirety of Asia within the near future.

 - Randheer Mallawaarachchi


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