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Uniting the North and the South

Last Sunday’s Cabinet reshuffle was a damp squib; and now, the DIGs are shivering in their boots more than anyone else fearing that the one-time Army Commander turned politician might be their Minister; and the President continues to hold back on his part of the reshuffle deal. With the hullabaloo…


TV Times

‘Sebs Stag Night 2018’

‘Sebs Stag Night 2018’

The Annual ‘Stag Night 2018’ Organised by the OBA of St. Sebastian’s College Moratuwa will be…

Japanese TV programmes on Nethra

‘The Sound of Music’ at MLH

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Funday Times

Celebrating BP Day

Celebrating BP Day

BP Day organized by the Wattala – Ja-Ela District Scout Association was held on February 22,…

The Music Project at Kala Pola

Ginger Cat and Baby Mouse

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