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Non Alignment: Will Lanka abandon principles

Not many seem to have noticed it; nor would any to have missed the news; but the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) began its 17th Heads of Government summit yesterday. Sri Lanka, a one-time chairperson of the now 120-member nation Movement, the second largest grouping to the United Nations Organisation, was not…



Living next door to elephants

Living next door to elephants

It is an extraordinary audience, from a short distance away, with a ‘King’. As we spot the majestic tusker, monarch of all he surveys, we are spellbound. The…

No script to sell Lanka as moviemakers’ paradise

As film destinations go, Sri Lanka nearly has it all. From rolling hills to verdant rainforests, and sandy beaches to historical ruins, a range of locations accessible within…

Erudite monk who guided many on the path of meditation

Erudite monk who guided many on the path of meditation

Saffron-robed monks and nuns in their hundreds carrying sprigs of white flowers solemnly walked along the red carpet at Parliament grounds to pay their last respects to one…

A place that does not forget those with dementia

A place that does not forget those with dementia

Dementia causes progressive loss of brain power. There are many types of dementia, but the most common is caused by Alzheimer’s disease. The most common symptom of dementia…

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Looking after your heart: Start young

However hackneyed the phrase maybe, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a truism when it comes…

Sapodilla for a quick energy boost

Red, Amber and Green, not road rules but food rules

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Reincarnation of ‘Sooriya Label’

Reincarnation of ‘Sooriya Label’

Sri Lanka’s music history has recreated last week, with the opening of ‘Sooriya Village’, the modern…

Summer of cinema in the North

A comedy play on gods and human

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Funday Times

Kids Essays

Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was a great lady. Her real name was Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She…

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