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VIP security; what about citizens’ security?

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s security detail came into parliamentary debate this week, and rightly so, but with an unseemly spectacle. The ruckus over who was right and who was wrong saw one MP hospitalised for trying to intervene and two suspended for going at each other’s throat. The downgrading of…



Hitting a  personal note  in ‘JFK’

Hitting a personal note in ‘JFK’

Sean  Panikkar, a gifted tenor with Lankan roots, describes his experience in the new opera based on the last 24 hours of John F. Kennedy’s life  JFK is…


Criteria to select top officials: It’s time for a rethink   It was reported in a daily newspaper recently that, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed a high…

Brief encounter

Brief encounter

As happens every year since Bevis Bawa died in 1994, the anniversary of his birth, April 26 1907, was celebrated with a lunch party in the garden he…

Living together: A lesson from the animal kingdom

Living together: A lesson from the animal kingdom

My brother recently acquired a kitten. Both my brother and his doting black Labrador, Dusky, are completely bemused by this new addition to the family. Already, at two…

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Passionate about rollerblading

Passionate about rollerblading

It’s a beautiful morning at the Viharamahadevi Park. While most of Colombo is enjoying afew extra…

Everest Trek blog: Making the journey to Camp 2

Clothes for the dreamers

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Arijit Singh to rock Colombo on May 8

Arijit Singh to rock Colombo on May 8

Award-winning Indian playback singer Arijit Singh will hold his maiden live in concert in Colombo today,…

‘Legends Bradby Dance 2016’ at Amaya Hills

Old Thomian trip to Trinitian den

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Nilma had a bad habit. She liked biting things. It started whenever she felt bored. First…

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